I got a lot notification from Monday.com

When I use Communihub to communicate with my clients, no matter when my client open the email, and every time they open, I got several notifications. I have turned off my mobile app notification and email notification, but in Monday.com. It’s still the same.

Hi the email or Monday.com, it says, An email regarding xxx in the xxx was opened. You can turn off this notification by clicking on the Integrate button. It sends me several same information at the same time. I got almost 100 notifications in about 5 mins.

Whoa. @Ronk you might want to check this out.

I’m also getting the same issue. We tested sending a few emails with Communihub and this is filling my inbox no matter the notification settings. Same message, although sometimes “You can turn off this notification by clicking on the “Integrate” button” is duplicated.

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It is so annoying. I love the feature to make the corresponds emails to be shown in Monday.com in case one of our team members is not available. But seems it doesn’t work very well, beside the notification problem, it doesn’t show the reply emails sometimes.