I need to add a date column to a number column to create a date

Hello to the void,
I am using General Caster to try and add a number to a date to get a date so I can make an easier method of changing timelines (stacking the above with Date+Time integration/Automation). This is my formula:

TEXT(DATEVALUE({project’s Design End},({project’s Lead Time (Wks)}*7), “YYYY-MM-DD”))

The lead time is in weeks and needs to be adjusted to days. Hence the “*7”. Is there something I am doing wrong? It just is not working.

Hey @Peter_Barron
I see there are a couple of errors about the brackets position and the way you add days to the Design End date.
DATEVALUE() function requires only one parameter to convert a monday’s Date into a valid Date value that you can then use in further calculations.
The correct formula should be the following one.

TEXT(DATEVALUE({project’s Design End}) + ({project’s Lead Time (Wks)} * 7), "YYYY-MM-DD")