I need to find a way to adapt multiple boards at once

for a while already I struggle with the following: We use boards created from templates for all our customers. So everytime we get a new customers, two boards are automatically generated from this template. Now every now and then I need to roll out new functions like new automations or add a new column to each of these boards. Is there any option to create a master? I checked the options via creating an App, sending get and post requests via a webhook and now my last idea was to use a loop by zapier including a post webhook to trigger a second zap that adapts each board. Is there anybody who has experience with an equal situation?

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If my understanding is correct, you want changes made to the original template to apply to boards previously created from it.

Changing child templates created from the master template when changes are made to the master template has long been a requested feature.

A Zapier /Make solution might be feasible depending on exactly what you want to add.

I would also keep an eye out for possible updates regarding this feature.

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Hello, yes or moreover i aim to make changes to the boards created from it, which are not child templates but new and shareable boards.

Hey Anna, not every change is supported by an automated flow, but this is indeed possible (as Giannis mentioned).

For example, there’s no way to automatically add automations to every board.

However, you can add columns, groups, etc.

Hi Dipro, thank you for your update. Can you let me know what is you approach to do so? Because i just recently found a way for adding new columns but am not sure if it is the best way


First define what changes you want to watch for in the template board. It could be something like this:

  • When a column is added
  • When a column name changes
  • Move a column
  • When a group is added

You’ll need to mimic these changes on the target board, so check which of these are supported by our API using our developer documentation:

That’s the easy part. Now, you need to build an automated action to make these changes.

Since we don’t have webhooks for changes to the board structure (eg “when a column is created”), you’ll need to regularly check the board structure and update if there are any changes. I think you described this in your original post, by using a loop.

I know that’s a bit scant on implementation details, but it really depends on what platform you want to use to build this flow.

You can also hire an implementation partner to build this out for you!

Hi there,
you can use Make as a solution for automating the process of adapting each board for your customers.
you can create a more sophisticated automation workflow that can handle the dynamic requirements of adapting each board for your customers. It offers flexibility and customization options, making it an ideal choice for complex automation scenarios.

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Hello, I am using zapier for this.

Hello @annafeller97,

You can use Zapier as Dipro explained, and then create a trigger from Zapier that gets triggered when you need it to get triggered to then add a column, or a group or do any other possible actions (mutations).

Let me know if you have any questions!


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