I want constant access to a mini task board, that follows me EVERYWHERE!

I REALLY REALLY NEED, a mini independent task list that I can fold out, or even always floating on the side of my screen no matter where I am in monday, and even better, no matter where i am on my mac!

ADD Adult here, and I LOVE rabbit holes. One idea leads to the next. The task in front of my is essential a question that stimulates another question and so on. I forget what I am up to and what I really wanted to get done! And My boards are filled with questions that lead to more questions.

I do this with a scrap paper next to my desk, but it’s tedious, and I shouldn’t have to.

I want it to tell me what I am (was) “doing” When I go off track, And what is “next”. and the up and coming appointment that is going to cut my work flow at some point. and an urgent message I can check out quick when I’m, done with this task.