I want o white labling

Can I integrate the code that I build into the entire UI instead of just embedding it within the boards

Hello there @abdulwahab55 and welcome to the community!

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I am not sure I understand what you need to do. Do you have HTML that you want to use somewhere? If so, where are you trying to use it exactly?

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Hello @Matias.Monday

I am using Node.js to create a connector, and I am currently using an iframe to build the connector as shown in the picture. However, I want to achieve this without using an iframe and integrate my code directly as shown in the picture, without relying on an iframe

If you’re trying to add a static floating button in the bottom right corner a la Hupspot or Intercom, which triggers a popup. That’s not going to be possible. There is no extension point/feature to do that.

All UI views are done with iframes, so anything else will not be possible.