I want to add a small description of updates inside updates section

I have created the app using reactJS that works with monday. But I can not find that app anywhere and also if i did find the app, I do not want a separate view for my app.
I want to update the view of updates. How can I achieve that?
For now I have created an app and built a Board view feature and then in ReactJS quickstart I have made some changes and then published the app, but I can not find the app when I try to add it. Also, I am thinking even if I find the app, I won’t be able to see that inside the updates section.
I want to be able to edit the updates section. How can I achieve that?

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There is no way of adding a view in the updates section. The only way to use the updates section is using the UI in a regular way.

Regarding your board view not appearing, are you searching for the name of the app when you try to add a board view to your board? Or are you searching for the name of the board view feature? You need to search for the name of the board view feature.

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So, I can not summarize my updates inside of the updates view?

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You can create an item view, which would “live” next to the updates, kind of like the item card as explained here.

Okay, how can I create an item view?

I can not find anything related to Item view.

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You can create an item view by clicking on your avatar or initials at the bottom left of the screen, then on “Developers”, then create an app, and then on the left pane, add a feature. You will see the item view option.

You can use this quickstart guide as an example.

Let me know if you have any other questions!


Thanks, I created an item view and pasted the react code.
Now I only have one issue.
How can I get corresponding update data?
For example now it is showing all of the updates.
I want to be able to show the corresponding updates according to the item.

How can I select corresponding board in an item view?

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You can use our SDK to get the data of the context where your view is being used and if you need any data from the item itself like the column values in it, you can also use the SDK to query for that information.


I have tried monday.get but it does not seem to work.
I have used monday.get(“itemIds”).then(res => console.log(res));
as mentioned in the docs but still there is no result.
I have installed npm package as mention in docs
npm install monday-sdk-js --save
import mondaySdk from “monday-sdk-js”;
const monday = mondaySdk();
Still there is no output.
I am using it in the app inside item view.

Hello again,

Would you be able to please send an email to appsupport@monday.com including a screen recording showing your script, the steps you are taking and the result you see?

We can take a closer look from there and open a report if needed.

Looking forward to hearing from you over email!


Hey, monday.context() worked for me.
somehow monday.get() was not working but I achieved the results I needed with monday.context().

Hello @70shakeel,

Can you please share the script in which you are using this?

Sorry, I had a typo in my last reply. I meant to say monday.get(“context”) worked for me.
P.S. I am unable to use document and window object from my item view app. Why is that and what is the solution to use document.getElementById or any other query selector?

Hey, I am still waiting on your reply on how to use window and document object inside an item view?

Hello again,

Matias here! Sorry for the late reply.

Would you be able to send this with the full script you are trying to use to appsupport@monday.com so we can take a closer look into it from there?

Looking forward to hearing from you via email!


I have sent the query.
Now I am facing this issue where my api key is only working on my workspace and not working on any other workspace.

Any news on how my item view app can retrieve item updates respective to the workspace it is installed in?
Any other way to retrieve updates other than monday.com api?
Is there a way to retrieve updates in item view using monday SDK?

Hello there @70shakeel,

I see you could resolve the issue with Tyler via email :grin: