I Want to see deal and item api structure for Query and Mutation

Hi Expert ,

I am .Net  developer and i want to explore Monday CRM Sales graphql apis (account , contact ,item , deal ,Quotation). I have created a CRM sales account where i can see account /contact api details in post man but i can't see deal api details which also i want to use. can you please share any document or steps where i can see all objects schema or columns are available  .

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Surajit Kundu

Hi @surajitkundu,

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We are currently working on our multi-product support, but it is essentially the same as our work OS API docs, just with different terminology. For example, a contact in the CRM is referred to as an item in work OS.

Feel free to explore the docs to find what you need, but here are some helpful links to get started:

Let us know if you have any other questions :slight_smile: