I would like a status to represent a value that works calculating the corresponding budget

Hi Monday Community! :wave: I am trying to create a board that shows a freelancer as an item. Then use status columns to represent the date of that month. The status chosen for that date represents a project code that I would like to cost the freelancers day rate against… I have tried using formulas but unsure how to assign a value to a status. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated!


If you want to do this with just a formula column, the SWITCH() function will probably be the simplest way to go. Something like this:


The 9999 at the end would be the return value if no match is found. This could be “ERROR”, 0, or whatever works best for your situation.

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Thats really cool! Can this formula take into consideration additional status columns? The other columns are duplicates and contain the same labels. For example I tried this:


Which sadly didnt work


Can you give me some additional detail on how you want the other status columns to be included?

Sure, so the item name will be John Doe and I need to make a note of what project he is on daily. I would like to do this with a status column representing the date, the labels would signify which project. Then 30 more columns the same to track each day of the month. So I would have the labels in the status columns to represent 1 or 0. Example: Project1=1, Project2=1, unassigned=0. This would hopefully give me how many days John Doe worked as a number.

An additional formula that could specify how many days a month John Doe worked on Project1 and another for Project2 would be the next step.

The reason for John Doe to be an item is because I would like to have Susan Doe beneath to track her as well within the same board.

I hope that makes sense?


Ok. I’m not sure I would approach it that way. But, that aside, you could try something like this for the formula:

SWITCH({Status1},"unassigned",0,1) + SWITCH({Status2},"unassigned",0,1) + .... + SWITCH({Status31},"unassigned",0,1)
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Thanks @JCorrell that worked like magic! :+1:


Great, glad to hear it!

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