I would like to change the date to FR Format

i’m in france and i would like to have when i use the column date in email the date like DD/MM/YEAR
Actually, when i use my date column in my outgoing email, it’s May 17th 2022 like my screen capture and i would like to have 17/05/2022 in this exemple.
Thanks you

Capture d’écran 2022-09-15 à 09.02.07

Hey @ysocquet1,

Thanks for writing in :slight_smile:

Can you please navigate to your profile, and select the tab “Language and region”. From there, you should be able to adjust the date format to display as DD/MM/YY. Can you please let us know if this solves the problem for you?


thanks you for the answer. I’m not talking about the front, it’s ok as you can see with my first screenshot, i’m talking only when i send and email and when i use the date colum . check my second screenshot please
thanks in advance,


I am looking for the same. I already made topic, but I just changed the title to reflect it better.

Hi @ysocquet1 and @Michael-PT,

Thank you for sending that screenshot/thread over - I can see what you’re referring to here!

After investigating internally, I am afraid this looks like a known limitation at this time. Whilst you can adjust the date format within the platform, the date format that appears in automations/integrations will remain in the English format. I apologize for the set back here! The team is aware of this, and do hope that at some point automations/integrations can be localized, however cannot confirm a timeline as of yet.

Thank you in advance for your understanding!