I'd like to create SUBFOLDERS within FOLDERS in a workspace

Within a workspace, we have a folder system - where each folder is a department within our company, and that department’s boards sit within their folder. However, per department, there can be a lot of boards. We need to further breakdown this structure by being able to create subfolders within departments, so information and boards are easy to find, as our workspace grows more complex. Can you please add this feature?

NOTE: The width of the side navigation (where the folders sit) is a set width - and this can be annoying if you have a long folder name and you can only view part of it. It would be good to be able to drag and expand this, to set the width to fit your folder titles. This is especially key if one adds subfolders, otherwise they will be even harder to read.

Hi Emma,

A feature request from last year has already got a lot of traction on this same topic. It’d be best if you voiced your request in that one and vote on it :slight_smile: .

Subfolders (sub directories) - Feature feedback / Account Organization & Admin - monday Community.

Thank you. Have voted on it. It says that was first raised in April 2019 – which is two years ago. How long does it take for a feature suggestion (that has traction) to get actioned?






How long does it take for a feature suggestion (that has traction) to get actioned?

An incredibly long time, to be honest. Monday can be very frustrating at some point, expecially when new “niche” features that haven’t been asked for keep coming out, but the partially working basic features don’t budge for months.