IF and THEN Formula

The below code won’t work, am I missing something?

IF(SUM({Impact},{Probability},{Detectability})>48,“High”, ELSE((IF(SUM({Impact},{Probability},{Detectability})>12,“Medium”,"Low))

Hi @Gem !

Welcome to the community! I think this might help you:

IF(SUM({Impact},{Probability},{Detectability}) >48,“High”, IF(SUM({Impact},{Probability},{Detectability})<12,“Low”, “Medium”))

There were a few errors but you were very close!

Thank you that works, it doesn’t however appear to work if I use a multiply formula, do you have any ideas? All values have remained as ‘medium’

Your formula looks right but I would make sure there is a space between your “)” and the “>48”. same with the “<12”. It’s acting a little funny for me.

Spaces added and nothing has changed. I have tried leaving it for a while and refreshing to esnure the background work is finished but no success :frowning:

The formula I have used is: IF(MULTIPLY({Impact},{Probability},{Detectability}) >48,“High”,IF(MULTIPLY({Impact},{Probability},{Detectability}) <12,“Low”,“Medium”))


MULTIPLY() can only be used with 2 values.

Try this:

IF(({Impact} * {Probability} * {Detectability}) > 48, "High", 
  IF(MULTIPLY({Impact} * {Probability} * {Detectability}) < 12, "Low", "Medium")

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Hello @JCorrell,

Got a question. Why use MULTIPLY and *. Aren’t they supposed to do the same thing? Also, the MULTIPLY after computing what is within the MULTIPLY brackets, there will be only one value left so why the need for MULTIPLY?

Code used has not resulted in Low being highlighted: IF(({Impact}{Probability}{Detectability}) >48,“High”,IF(MULTIPLY({Impact}{Probability}{Detectability}) <12,“Low”,“Medium”))

IF(({Impact}{Probability}{Detectability}) >48,“High”,IF(({Impact}{Probability}{Detectability}) <12,“Low”,“Medium”))

The above has worked!

@kolaai @Gem


IF(({Impact} * {Probability} * {Detectability}) > 48, "High", 
  IF(({Impact} * {Probability} * {Detectability}) < 12, "Low", "Medium")

That has done it. Thank you very much this has been very frustrating!

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Can I add code to add colour circles next to the low, medium, high grades? For example green, yellow red?

Actually figured it out using the colour coding feature :slight_smile: Thank you!

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