IF Statement help when one column is blank

I have a board that is populated by a form that gathers shoe size info by gender from registrants. Because the list of shoe sizes available depends on the gender selected, I have two columns on the board - Female Shoe Size and Male Shoe Size but only one of these is populated for each submission. The other is blank. I need a formula that looks at these two columns, determines which one has the shoe size, and display that as the result in the formula column so that I can create a stacked chart with the data. This is the formula I have tried but it returns “Empty” for all of the Males instead of the shoe size. What am I missing?


Your syntax looks correct. I tested it and got the same error as you did.

While testing it just started working. I have no idea why.

Try it again. If it is still failing, try a refresh. If it still fails, I recommend contacting support.

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Ugh, this was driving me nuts last night! But I’m so glad you were able to duplicate the error before it corrected itself so at least I know I’m not crazy.

For those that might see this in a search later, this variation of the formula fixed my issue before it self-resolved and started returning the correct results with the original formula shown in the screenshot:

If({Female Shoe Size}<>“Empty”, {Female Shoe Size}, If({Male Shoe Size}<>“Empty”, {Male Shoe Size}, “Missing Shoe Size”))

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