IF, THEN, ELSE - Lead Close Probability

Hi Guys,

I am new to Monday, and so far I love it. There are few built-in features that are missing that I think would be helpful to so many. One in particular, the Deals Pipeline template is missing a Close Probability calculation by stages. For instance, I want to know the win probability of a deal closing based on the current lead stage. My stages & scores would be setup as follows:

Prospecting = 5%
Presentation = 25%
Proposal Sent = 50%
In Review = 60%
Negotiation = 75%
Contract Sent = 90%
Won = 100%
Lost = 10%

So I think the best solution to create this is a IF THEN ELSE or SWITCH formula using the Formula Column. I also added the % symbol to the results using the unit results. Is there another way of achieving all of this?

SWITCH({Stage}, “Prospecting”, 5, “Presentation”, 25, “Proposal Sent”, 50, “In Review”, 60, “Negotiation”, 75, “Contract Sent”, 90, “Won”, 100, “Lost”, 0, 0)