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We are tracking Time to First Value for our customers and our Finance Team wants to understand how many customers achieve TTFV in 90 days. We already have a field that calculates TTFV in days, but if its blank (meaning we have not achieved first value as of yet) we need to know whether the customer has been onboarding for more than 90 days. We are tracking the date we kick off with the customer (Customer Kick off Date).

I am thinking we could do something like if TTFV (days) is Blank and Customer Kick off Call Date is > 90 days from today, then “No” and if TTFV Days is between 1 and 60 days then YES, and if its > than 90 days then NO. No idea how to write this formula :frowning:


Untested, start with something like this:

IF(AND({TTFV} = "", DAYS({Customer Kick off Date}, TODAY()) > 90), "No",
   IF(AND({TTFV} >= 1, {TTFV} <= 90), "YES", "NO")

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