I'm getting errors from google drive when I add URLs (working/valid links) to Notes under Info Boxes. Can I remove the Google Drive connection from notes?

It’s frustrating enough that I can’t copy and paste URLs under files… but even my work around – adding them in a note – is a mess. I get a preview (that I don’t want) or a weird Google Drive advert or an error saying my document doesn’t exist when the link itself works and goes to a document that does in fact exist. please help! Is there any way to remove google drive completely from notes? I even removed Google Drive from the board and it’s still doing this.

Before you ask… no, I don’t want to use a files column :upside_down_face: (I sometimes have 10+ links that need to be added to an item and it’s just not practical or in this case it is templates for the team to choose from, not actual project links so I don’t want them on the main view).

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I can see you’ve mentioned that you’re using the info-boxes to hold these Google Drive links.
To be completely transparent with you, we recently made a strategic decision to deprecate the infobox from our platform. Since we don’t want to completely eliminate any feature that our users know and use, we decided to leave the feature open so we won’t damage or interfere with any existing processes, this is the main reason you can still see it on your end. On new accounts, we are slowly removing this feature.

I understand that in this case the file column wouldn’t be a solution for you, although this would be the best alternative here.

Alternatively, I would recommend checking out The Updates Section, which is the successor to the info-boxes.

I hope that helps!



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