I'm looking for some help to correct a formula combining ROUND and IF

I have a formula which works to clear the red ! error if the {shift end} cell is blank
IF({Shift End}=“”,“”,MULTIPLY(DAYS({Shift End},{Shift start}),24))

However, I have now amended it to round to one decimal place as some of my cells needed this
ROUND(IF({Shift End}=“”,“”,MULTIPLY(DAYS({Shift End},{Shift Start}),24)),1) and this has caused the red ! error to re-appear in all cells which should be blank. I’m looking for some help to spot what might be wrong with my formula? Thank you

Did you try IF({Shift End}=“”,“”,ROUND(MULTIPLY(DAYS({Shift End},{Shift start}),24),1))? I think because the IF statement doesn’t always result in a number, sometimes an empty string, you can’t round it.

Amazing, that has worked, thank you very much!

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