I'm on a call! Do not disturb! Why are you still coming over!?!

Very random question but it must be something that other businesses are working with.

We are slowly going back into the office to a new-norm. All of our employees have bluetooth headsets and are in an increasing amount of video calls. We are finding that you don’t know that someone is on a call until you are walking into the back of the Zoom meeting.

Q. How do you display ‘Do not disturb’ or ‘On a call’ in your office? We are trying to find ideas to attach to your screen. Flag? Clamp?


Think we have a solution…


We’re using Kuando busy lights tied into our presence/phone systems to show whether we’re available or to wait to make personal contact or pivot to harass on Teams for a response when we have a moment to respond. The advantage to the lights are the visibility, and no need to explain what you’re doing, whether on a phone call or dedicated focus time, if it’s red, (or whatever color your team/organization chooses) you’re busy.

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Thank you for the suggestion, just had a look for these in the UK and they are £40 each. I will see if we can get buy-in from the management.

We’re still at home but when we were in the office we’d check the (outlook in our situation) calendar of the person we wanted to talk to before going over.