Image Column and Image View

I think that having a column that could display images (jpg, gif, png, tiff) would be very helpful for creative departments. In the main table view, it would be a thumbnail.

The power would be that in a kanban board style, it could be a main identifier for the pulse. This could also lead to a new gallery style view that would have people be able to see all the images in one location.

Did the file column cover this? I don’t really use it so am not sure

Nope. Files come up as icons including images.

Could not agree more,

We are a furniture production company and each item is one project. At the moment we have over 50 on going projects. But its very hard to tell which project is which. without a thumbnail image for a quick overview. This would be perfect for kanban view as @jfaurbo mentioned.

Also, when clicking on a project on the timeline view, there is a really nice overview of that item. Thanks @monday for that. But it really misses an image. Even on a tablet this would be extremely use-full.

@TheOtherPM the file column supports a preview of low res jpg. But its supper small, it would be great if that could adapt size to lets say a square when opening an item.
As example the green squares on the images…

This would be amazing!

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We created a card view as part of the monday Apps Challenge, and are working now to turn it into a standalone app. Perhaps the cards could be adapted for your needs to display images instead of cross linked content in the middle. Something like:

Ignore the little scoring boxes in the lower left corner. The cards were designed for prioritizing work with a scoring formula and progress column.

Yep, I made a CRM board and I want to see a picture of the customer

Yes, really love this idea. In our case we are using Monday boards in some projects as a Sitelist.

See screenshot attached as an example of an Sitelist we use. Every item on the board represents a design from a screen in de app or website we develop. Every item has a link to our Zeplin (in the near future this will be Sketch Cloud) environment.

A visual indication (via the file column) in the board, and a visual indication in the card view in your examples @Sotiris would be awesome. The items would give more ‘meaning’ and understanding of what needs to be worked on.