Implement Advanced Filters On The My Work View

We have implemented the DACI project management framework at our company to allow us to effectively approach tasks and have noticed the my work view is also very helpful for allowing one to concisely view all tasks at hand. However without the ability for advanced filters to allow one to filter out tasks based on the certain assignee column one is in this use case for my work becomes cumbersome and unviable. We should be able to filter the task view based on specific people columns within the boards attached to the view to allow one to track projects they are assigned as a “Driver” on and projects they are assigned as a “Approver” on etc etc. This is currently possible within individual boards using the advanced filter and using the dynamic(Me) filter and having people check this view however it doesn’t allow us to consolidate all work into one view. Adding this feature is a must if we are to continue to scale on this platform.

Yes this is an amazing idea! I would love this.

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