Import Tags from Excel as a separate tag column

Hello all,

I have been trying to implement my Excel Files into Monday and one problem I’ve come across are tags. I have a system in which I need to cross-reference a lot between different rows, so I’ve been using tags. Now I would love an option to implement my tags as “tags” in Monday as well. Meaning that I have a text in my excel file that looks like this:
#important, #overdue, #conference
And I would like to import these as separate tags in a tag column, with the goal to be able to filter for all these tags separately.

Did I overlook a way to do this? Or is this something that might be implemented in the future?


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If there is no straightforward way to do this, does someone have an idea how I could solve this problem? I have a large file that would take hours if not days to type in manually.

Or is this feature going to be implemented soon?

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I am a new Monday user and I very much feel you. I really want to import tags and locations. Did you get any support?

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No, sadly I did not hear back from anyone if this is possible or even in consideration.
@Monday I think this would help out for a lot of import problems and make the transfer from excel into Monday much easier.

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I need this feature badly as well. For me tags are another way of filtering between rows that have the same names.

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Hi @editarr, @MSIlydia, and @Beall_Knowde, At the moment importing to the tags column from Excel is not supported in What would you think about using a status column to mark tasks as ‘important’, ‘overdue’, or ‘conference’? You could also use a dropdown column if you wanted multiple tags’ or labels. We’d love to help figure out good ways to organize your specific workflow if you write into :blush:

That could potentially work in some situations, and certainly I am on a learning curve to figure out what tools to use and when to use them in effective data management.

The problem with your suggested alternatives for my purposes is that some of the “attributes” I envisaged tagging have more than 20 possible values, which, in my understanding, kind of negates the use of status or dropdown, since they have a maximum ~20 possible unique indexes.

I have been working on using tags in the following columns:

client code (a three-number code identifying the client with whom the item is associated). Currently we’re only using for work associated with ~5, so status column would work (and I’m using it), but if we integrate our workflows for all of our work, a limit of 20 options will not work.

File type (the three to four letter file extension for the output type of a deliverable associated with the task - this could likely work with a dropdown for the foreseeable future)

Infrastructure name (the many-character name of the infrastructure ID associated with the task, with individual words connected with underscores to make it compatible with tag data type. This is the one in particular where there are actually probably closer to 100 options it could be, and so neither a status or drop down is compatible. I also sometimes have more than one infrastructure name associated with a single item, so a status column wouldn’t work. A dropdown menu could work, if there was not a limit on the number of possible values for the column)

Business Unit (the client acronym for the associated sector for which a project is being used. There could be multiple sectors represented by a single project, meaning a status column would not work, because I need to use more than one for a single item, sometimes. Again, depending on scalability to all of our clients, having a limit of unique values/indexes could create a problem in the future)

Like I say, my learning curve is steep as I weigh the pros and cons of each column type and try to think of the best way to aggregate, parse, granulate, summarize, track, sort, etc., etc. our data…

One of your suggestions involves using dropdowns instead of tags. I didn’t think dropdown menus were importable from excel, either (?). How would you import multiple values for a single row/item?

Thank you, Talia.

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Just like @MSIlydia we would need a lot more unique dropdown options.

Also since we are working with a partner who is not using Monday and sends us the data in Excel Sheets, the only workable solution would be to have the option to import those tags straight from Excel. Otherwise we would spend hours manually typing the tags into Monday and that is just not an option.

But I can see that since this doesn’t appear to be a widely used function in Excel it would not be a priority to include the option to import tags into Monday. I just assumed since the two systems (Dropdown in Monday and Tags in Excel) worked so similarly, there might be a way to import them without too much work.