Importance Automation

Would love to see an automation that sets a certain importance when an item is created in a specific group. I see one for overall items, but would like to see it even more specific.

Hey Brienne

Thank you for adding this. Could you give a bit more information about your use case and how you’d like the priority to work? We could offer some suggestions I think with what we have, so would love to understand better what you’re looking for!

Of course! I have an automation that creates a pulse when a certain email subject line comes in and it puts into a specific group on my task board. I have my board view as the Kanban board, sorted by importance. So, i am looking for an automation that once that pulse is automatically created, it is set with the importance as high, but only for that group, specifically. Hopefully that makes sense.

Thanks for sharing that additional information @briennemartin! :v:

Could you send over a screenshot of your board so I can see how it’s set up in the table version? I can then work out if we can set priority as you’d like using automations! :eyes: