Important! -- Recommendation regarding Integromat (now Make)

As most of you who use Integromat are probably already aware, “Integromat” is now “Make”.

Everyone will eventually have to migrate. But you have a year to do it.

RECOMMENDATION: I recommend that you do NOT do it yet.

There are a number of reasons to switch, which I will address soon (if no one else has).

The “bottom-line” for the moment is that if you are actively creating new scenarios and linking them using webhooks to monday you should hold off. The challenge/response process for adding webhooks to monday is not yet active.

I will update here as soon as this is turned on.

Jim - The Monday Man


*** UPDATE ***

As Yann has pointed out below, the workaround I presented is unnecessary if you use the monday specific webhook module called “Watch Events” instead of the generic webhook module.

I am still recommending that those who can, stay with Integromat and hold off migrating to Make a little longer.

For those who need to deal with adding a webhook NOW, here is a video of a simple workaround.

Don’t blame my editor for the quality… I did this one on my own. :grin:

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Thanks for the tip @JCorrell

The webhook monday without problems


Great call!

Interesting that this module doesn’t allow you to set the data structure. So, usage will be a bit different. But, not a significant disadvantage if you are not hardcoding the data structure.

I have run into two other issues that I have submitted to Make support.

The biggest one for most people is that you can not currently map item IDs into Connect Boards columns.

The second is that using a JSON data structure in conjunction with the Array Aggregator module isn’t allowed.

It still looks like existing scenarios that are converted from Integromat to Make are working fine.


We have had 1 automation not transfer properly and is in perpetual error mode.
The automation uses a timed trigger, every monday morning at 07:30. However, since the migration, the scenario will not turn on, and I can not save changes made to the scenario because it keeps throwing an error that the trigger is set to an invalid date, despite it being set correctly.


You might try duplicating the scenario and scheduling the copy.


From my perspective, things are getting better… I still recommending that monday users wait to migrate. But, it looks like things will be good to go soon.


Can you tell me if this has been resolved?

It seems the issue has been fixed. I could now choose a date in the future and save the automation. Then, by closing and reopening the scenario, I was able to select specific days of the week for the automation to run.


Good to hear! Thanks for the update.