Importing Color Code Sales Stages

I updated a long list of Sales Stages from Excel in color red, but when it imported into, it was purple! now I have two Closed Won fields - one red, one purple. I cannot change the color to red. How do I resolve this?

Hi @MRC-Fridays-1960 Are you referring to the colour of the status labels that were imported into the board? If so, my simply selecting the status label and choosing “edit status label” option, you should be able to adjust the colour.

Let me know how you go!

Hi Bianca. I figured out the problem and was able to fix it. Turns out, there was a slightly different label (capitalized), so the system created a new label and a new purple color instead of red. I reimported, then deleted the purple label. I wasn’t able to delete the purple label until I changed all of the fields.

Thank you for your help!





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Ah right, I see what you mean! So glad you were able to get this sorted :slight_smile: