Importing data from many spreadsheets to generate reports

We support US based trucking companies.

Every quarter they have to file Fuel Tax reports.

Short version - We need total miles in each state and total gallons purchased in each state for the quarter.

About 60% of our clients provide 2 separate CSV/Excel files. 1 for mile and 1 for fuel.

These files have a lot more data than we need. Right now we are importing them into a Google Sheet, manipulating the data a little, and create a pivot table that will give us a report.

Column A is STATE
Column B is Total Miles by State
Column C is Total Gallons by State

Also note, the files are only consistent in format if they are coming from the same company (miles are tracked by GPS device in truck, fuel cards for fuel reports).

Is there a way to create an import template that can have the columns we want in the spreadsheets placed into Monday to then generate a report?

Hi @VlocityGroup !

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I think for your use case this is where Dashboards can really work for you!

The first thing that I would advise, for total miles and total gallons, is that we can cumulate that data for each state. What you would want to import is the state, miles for that trip, gallons of fuel for that trip, and timeline of trip.

It would look similar to this:

You could then create a dashboards (directly as a view on the board) to show by state the total miles and gallons used like this:

Then to get a report for every quarter, you can use the filters by defining the quarter like this:

Hope this helps!

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