Importing phone numbers from Excel. Not an option?

I have an Excel file of 1000 names and phone numbers. I’d rather not do the data entry again. When I try to create a new board built from the Excel file the name field (first column) comes up fine but the Phone Number column is only available to be treated as a number (float) or a text (string). No option for phone number. I can import and create board, create new column (phone), and individually copy/paste numbers from phone (number, imported) to phone (proper phone number column type). But there has to be a better way. These are US phone numbers. I’ve tried 7 and 8 digit versions with no change in import options. Do I need to force Excel to break it out into +1 (???) ???-??? style?

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@MisusingThePlatform - First of all welcome to the community. I just tried a couple of tests and I don’t see a way to import phone numbers. Hopefully, someone from can help let us know.

I was thinking to import contacts from a Google account or something but coulnd’t find a integration for that. A free Hubspot account worked though. Create the integration in a temporary board (since it only imports from Hubspot -> Monday on an addition to HubSpot), import the Excel file into HubSpot, and then move the contacts to where ever they really belong. I’d still like to see this possible without a middleman. For now, Hubspot CRM is free so at least I don’t need to buy yet another product.


Hi All!

When you import the contact data from Excel into you will in fact only receive the option to either display the column as a number or a text column, but after the import is done you can switch column types.

To do this, you need to click on the drop down menu in the column housing the phone numbers, you will then scroll down to the option that says “change column type” and choose “Phone.”

A duplicate column in the “Phone” column format will be created next to the previous format and you will get a pop-up prompt asking whether you want to keep changes. Once you select “Keep Changes,” the previous column format will be deleted and you will be left with a Phone column housing the phone number data.

Let us know if that works :slight_smile:

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