Importing Updates from JSON

We are importing a bunch of things from our previous PM tool, and that includes comments/updates.

We have managed a script that loads all the items, and then all the comments linked to the right item, but it seems that the API chooses the Admin for the creator of all those updates.

Is it possible to choose a user/creator for the updates created (or even better, a field identifying a creator for each update) in the current API?

Hi @reinhardts, Reinhardt,

As I understand the API key is a personal key. If you run your script with the key belonging to your admin everything is created under that account. I tested creating a key for another account and that works out fine. The “other” account needs to be an admin to be able to generate a personal key, but the admin rights can be revoked after your script is finished.

Great! That’s at least an alternative way to import for now.

But I’d ideally like to create the “creator” for each update I’m importing. The same way I can query the creator when I query an update, I also want to be able to do so when manipulating or populating an update. From what my developer told me, the “creator” field isn’t available when mutating, only when querying…

Or are we missing something?

That’s what I understand too.