Improve board integration screen user experience

When the “integrate” button at the top of a board is pressed, and then “Board Integrations” tab is selected, it shows “no active integrations yet on this board” until it loads the integrations.

This really needs to be changed to “Loading your board’s integrations…” until the loading phase completes. If there are no integrations, it should then say “no active integrations yet on this board”.

The problem is, while it churns for 10-15 seconds loading integrations, the user sees there are no integrations. They either panic, or they think its been deleted and recreate it resulting in duplicates.

Telling the user there are no integrations when in fact the page does not yet know if there are or are not integrations is a poor user experience. Customers are being told information that is known in advance to be potentially incorrect.

Also, improve Board Integrations screen load load time. Waiting 10-15 seconds (I’ve seen it hit almost a minute before) definitely makes customers think its broken.


I agree especially with your last point. monday just shows a blank screen and that can last several seconds or minutes with no information so most users think the app is not working.
The least they can do is to at least show a loading icon. Not the best experience since the loading shouldn’t take that long in the first place, but at least, it gives an indication that the app’s integration is not broken.

Or what about when you’re on a recipe configuration screen and click the < arrow, that it actually takes us back to the list of recipes, instead of back to selecting from all the integrations/apps. It skips over a step in the path the user took to get where they are.

A user clicking a recipe and then going “oh wait, I need the column changes, not the status changes trigger…” and instead of going back to the recipes they get sent back to choosing what app to use every time.

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I agree with you, @codyfrisch
I believe the interface needs a lot of improvements about the feedback.
On top of the automation/integration loading message, here are my additions:

  • When you open the integration window, installed apps are loaded after few seconds, no “loading…” message appears;
  • When you click a custom button, you don’t have any feedback.
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@rob, @kolaai

Also I think the Integrations Center tab should be for “exploring” apps, with a category on the left for “Installed Apps” but make its default all about discovery.

Board Integrations tab is installed recipes and if you click [+Add Integration] it should take you to the “Installed Apps” category of the Integrations Center.

The way it works now, the Installed Apps is an unlisted category between “Explore By App” and “Featured”, its just “missing” in the categories list. This means when you click [+Add Integration] it cannot take you to the “Apps” section (Installed Apps) but must take you to Explore By App. Depending on screen size the Installed Apps may not even be visible without scrolling (if they are even loaded).

One last workflow issue is with OAuth, when the redirect happens it goes to what is a blank screen before the recipe appears. This appears to be another “loading” phase after the redirect has happened. There should be “Loading recipe” or “Preparing recipe for configuration” message displayed. Something to indicate to the user that “the app isn’t broken”. I’ve seen users see the blank screen for a few seconds and refresh thinking it broke. That just messes it up entirely, kicks them out of the whole workflow. They then just assume the app is broken and look for something else, or uninstall the app and vote it down because “it didn’t work”.

In summary:

  • Provide feedback for “loading” on the “Board Integrations” tab.
  • Provide feedback for “OAuth” redirect while the recipe loads.
  • Provide a separate “Installed Apps” category, so [+Add Integrations] button on “Board Integrations” can direct to just the installed apps.
  • Provide “Loading installed apps…” feedback within the “Installed Apps” category until all are loaded.
  • Fix the < arrow on a recipe configuration screen to return to the recipes list for the app instead of the “Integrations Center” tab.

Hello everyone,

Thank you for your feedback!

I have created several requests for our team including your suggestions :slightly_smiling_face:


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Just a note, I saw the Oauth screen, while loading the recipe now shows a nice bouncing logo to tell people its not “frozen” while it waits for several (tens) of seconds.


Saw that too. It’s a good step in the right direction but it will be great if users didn’t have to wait too long. Just yesterday, the recipe builder didn’t even show up, just the loading logo. So the logo is great but the main functionality should work. At the end of the day, it’s developers who pay the price because users think the app is broken and then go ahead and uninstall it.
Another huge pain point

I just had to wait almost a full minute for the recipe to show up. I’ve also been dealing with trigger events taking minutes to arrive at my backend, some with already expired tokens.