Improve Gantt Export Views

There are some serious limitations with the Gantt export views from - both the print PDF and Excel views. Would it be possible to add more exporting options, especially for the PDF view? For example - an option to print the entire project in PDF view, or options for the layout of the export?

The poor exporting to Excel and PDF function is becoming a real problem with my clients who are requesting that we move to MS Projects.
We cannot export to Excel without showing sub-items under headers. And the rendering of sub-items includes “undefined” next to it.


To really provide a MS Project alternative you must be able to play with the size of the output - A0 print or longer is what we often used in MS Project to get something workable. This platform is incomplete until this is resolved…manual workers in a production environment need to see plans too and in many places it’s still done with paper

Can’t emphasize enough how important this is. Trying to win colleauges over to Monday who are used to Project. You win on user friendliness, but dependencies (which should be STANDARD by the way) and flexible, printable GANTT views are essential.

Agreed. All our clients need PDF. As much as I’ve been trying to encourage adoption of viewing data live via an account, some users just are not interested. Especially at the executive level.

This is a simple request. Please improve exporting options. What is the status of this, Monday?

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The ability to export a Gantt that shows dependencies is a MUST