Improvements on Time tracking column

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We are trying to use the timetracking column and (for what i have read in the forum) there are things that still are not solved, critical to us for using this column and not other ways (secundary boards, etc). I mean timetracking column is the perfect answer for timetracking, but if is not improved, it cannot be efficient to use it.

  1. Add manual sessions without specifying hours and minutes, i mean, only hours worked.

  2. Add android App capabilities to add manual sessions, actually android users can only start and stop the time, but not introduce values manually.

  3. Fix the issue that two users cannot introduce a manual session on the same time/hour, if user nro.1 worked yesterday from 08am to 11am, user nro.2 cannot do it, and in real cases there are two people (or more) working for a task in the same time/day, so this has to be fixed. example: error message trying to add a session on the same time that my partner

  1. Fix dashboard and graphics viewing on boards: actually cannot individualize total hours worked for a pulse by user, i think its a bug to put total time on each person besides the REAL time they worked on this pulse, example:


We need this fixes to be done in order to start using this column.
I have read many post on this community, but there are no news !!! :frowning:

Especially point 4 is important! Now, it makes timetracking for 1 task where 2 people are involved in very useless.

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Agree with points 3 &4 - really important when more than one person is working on the same task

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can we have some feedback on this request?
i think its not a challenging one… because this column is in use yet, and i think everyone in any kind of organization needs to track time. Most people on service companies dont have the time to be clicking on start/end button any time a task start or stops. This information in some cases is fulfilled on the end of the day.

But all we surely agree is that timetracking is one of the thing we all want to measure.

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I also believe that it would be helpful to have a Notes long-text field next to each shift, so we can input whatever notes we have from that shift (i.e. Job Number, Employee, Field Notes, etc.)

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We need some feedback on this request…

Added - we’ve been trying to get TimeTracking working properly also - very fundamental for a team management app.

There is also an issue with theBoards time trackign vs Dashboards where if multiple people are assigned to the same task, it shows only one time tracking record on the item log, but logs the time twice when it comes to the Widget - assuming that both people had worked at the same time.

This means it’s currently almost impossible to accurately track tiem spent on projects by month / day etc (unless you create a new board / puls for each month or multiple versions of tasks - whihc becomes pretty unmanageable with nay high number of projects and team members).

I think the approach to Time Tracking overall needs a fresh look before it becomes effective on the app.

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Hi all :slight_smile: Brett here, thanks for your feedback on this!

@hlopezvc I appreciate you taking the time to provide your feedback especially with those screenshots. We are aware that the time tracking column is somewhat limited at the moment, and we are looking to refine and improve the functionality as a whole.

In terms of the functionalities on Android, this may be something that comes along later down the road, as the app’s infrastructure is much different, but I do see the need. For the time being, you can always have employees just add time manually for hours regardless of the specific time (meaning you are just trying to log for example “3 hours”).

As for stopping and starting, totally understand the concern here and see how this could be forgotten about. We have run into the same issue here internally – however you could use an automation recipe or two to stop and start the timer, which can definitely help to save time and effort. Meaning you change the status to “working on it” it starts the timer, you change it to “done” it stops the timer.

Let me know if you have any additional thoughts on this and sorry for the delay!!, hello good morning, i would like to see this in the road map, we need to track correctly the employees time, is one of the most important things to see.

At the moment, meanwhile we wait for improvements, the most critical thing to solve in this column is to allow two or more employees to log the same time. This cant be as it is today,
when this happens our employees have to figure out how to solve that, and they are putting not real start and end times in order to log their time in the same task.

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Definitely not fit for purpose currently in a team scenario, if these items aren’t addressed.
A task needs time logged by 2 or 3 people working concurrently or its not functional.

Also doing 5-7 clicks to edit hour minute am/pm/ date/ month and end time its not user friendly you need the users to be able to manually add a unit of time.


I confirm that the individualization of time tracking is really important to us. It allows us to analyse the time spent on external or internal projects throughout the year with dashboards.
The column of past times should be linked to the profile that enters the time and not to the person assigned in the “person” column.
As it stands, we are obliged to duplicate all the tasks on which several people intervene. This is very detrimental to the visibility of a project.

And yes, add manual sessions without specifying hours and minutes would still be much more practical :slight_smile:

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Love this suggestion - also @teamMonday can you add exclusive time tracking by user? Right now a user can track multiple tasks (which the user often forgets to turn off certain ones). Ideally we have an option that, when a user turn on time tracking for a new task, the old task’s timer can stop.



We are running into the same issue here. We have 2 or 3 people assigned to a task and we have an hours column next to timeline. Total hours for the task may be 20 hours but person one may only be involved for 1 hour and person 2 for 15 hours and person 3 for 4 hours. When we look at workload now, it shows 20 hours for all three people. A way needs to be figure out how to add time tracking for those 2 to 3 people.


Any update on when number 4 will be fixed Monday .com? It seems time tracking can’t really be used with out this.

ie How do we correctly see the amount of hours each team members works if there are multiple people working on pulses?


As a general addition to this, for time tracking to be useful for us we also need to have better reporting abilities once times have been logged. In order to move away from our current time tracking system I would need to be able to report on things like hours per project per month (or other time period), hours per user per project, and hours per task. At the moment only the last is possible.


I think we need an update on this

Yes, any update on this one?

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Unfortunately im having serious trouble with our field employees, they complain that they have to do two steps for updating a pulse, and they are right.

In field work: update work pictures notes, etc. via Android app
In hotel: (from a notebook) update manually logging hours till a difficult process specifying start hour/minutes and end hour/minutes. they need to be only putting total hours for a certain day only.
The time needed for actual method is too complicated.

Beside this, the other things i mentioned in this post need to be fixed.

We cant be waiting to long … this column has no improvements from the last year.

The other issue I have with this column is permissions. I have tested and a normal user can start, stop and delete times logged by other team members, including admins. Surely people should only be able to log/ edit etc. their own hours? Or am I missing something in settings… a bit of newbie!

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I think that with all this feature request and related issues, and knowing that the timetracking column for himself as it is is useless, this must be fixed in short terms.

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