Improvements on Time tracking column

Waiting on the funtionality to be at the to manually track sessions that happened at the same time for multiple people. Is there any progress on this?


Hi, our team members track their time in Monday on a monthly basis - they record their time as they work elsewhere and at the end of the month update Monday with the total time they spent on each task.

It looks like it’s no longer possible just to manually add in the number of hours and minutes they have done - they have to choose a start and end time, which makes it harder to input their time. Please could the option be added for manually inputting the number of hours and minutes that have been done? Thanks.


Did you try adding the subitem column to show on the parent item, then you can use that sub-item total within your formula?


I too am experiencing issues with the time tracking in Monday. Just starting to get my team using it and only now am I realising the limitations of the time tracking. Similar to most users within this thread, the main issues I am facing are:

  1. More than one person cannot log hours to a task at the same time - This is really important for meetings
  2. Sub item time tracking is not counted within the dashboard time tracking widget
  3. No easy way to see where your timers are running
  4. No way to set up a notification that your timer has been left running
  5. Limit of 10 boards on a dashboard - there is no way for me to see overall hours logged for my team per week because we have more than 10 boards that we are tracking time on
  6. Require time and date for time logging which is not very user friendly.

That doesn’t work for what I’m wanting to do. We don’t use the Time Tracking. We use Est. Hours and a number column. I want to list sub items with estimated hours number column and then have a formula on the main item to add up all the sub items estimated hours for a grand total. Seems simple enough but the formula for sub-items doesn’t list any number fields for some reason. Seems like it would be simple enough to add by development. I hope they add it!

New to Monday and we are Just setting up our boards. We realized that when we have a meeting that involved more than 2 people, we can’t track time to it. The first person can track time to it but when another person tries to add the time manually it says “You have an existing session as this time”. Which is incorrect as the time tracking session belongs to my co worker but being on the same task does not allow anyone else to track the same time to that item.

I won’t go into similar issues that have been mentioned above about multiple people tracking time to one item and not being able to run the timer for two separate people on the same task.

These time tracking issues seem like a large problem for agencies who are using monday for time tracking. In particular client meetings, reviews, etc.

This thread goes back for over a year. has there been any process on these issues with time tracking? Can you provide a roadmap or a product plan for time tracking that you can share? Similarly to how the roadmap has been shared for sub items (Subitems Product Plan).

I have heard that development is based on feedback of the customers that are using monday. Is there a place where everyone who is having issues with time tracking can vote to allow your team to understand the need of this feature? Is is based off of the amount of “votes” on this thread? Is so how many votes are needed for issue to be put into the monday development queue?

Thanks for the help! Looking forward to your response.


Hello @monday-team,
Agreed with all the above. This column has a lot of potential, but definitely needs improvements before it can be used seamlessly.
Please provide an update on this item.
Thank you!

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