Improvements on Time tracking column


Casting my vote for point #1 in the original post. Being able to quickly say: 30m or 1.5h or 2d would be very useful! tickspot works like that.

It could kind of be done with a number column, but I’m sure you’d lose out on important time tracking features.

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Any progress on this one? We are very keen to be able to add hours without associated times. Our team currently has to make the hours up to get around the problems; not really a long term solution.

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Happy to read i’m not the only one concerned by this issue.

I can see a benefit in having an option in the column setting to remove the play/pause button and just manually enter a duration in hh:mm (and, maybe optionally, :ss)

At the moment, we capture known time durations by using the Time Tracking column and entering the Start Time as 12:00 AM, and then entering a value in the End Time to reflect the total number of hours and minutes that we wish to record.

Some use cases include:

  • recording the total duration of time spent on a task;
  • setting the planned durations for individual tasks as part of an overall program plan;
  • recording the known duration of a series of video recordings

Using the Time Tracking column for these use cases allows the Column Summary to be optionally used for displaying the total time. We just don’t need to make the data entry for a simple hh:mm value to be so complicated or confusing for the users.

Hi all! We apologise for the delay in responding to this thread, and want to assure you all that each comment and piece of feedback has read and noted. Just to note, we are working on a process to improve our responsiveness to each request, so we appreciate your patience with us in advance as we work through a bit of a backlog.

That being said, we recognise that there is much room for improvement regarding the time-tracking functionality, and this is certainly something our product team is aware of. In full transparency, we cannot provide an ETA as to when you will see this feature revamped and improved, and as a result, we do encourage you to explore our apps marketplace, as there are a number of time-tracking apps that are out there to explore :pray:

Again, we really appreciate your understanding on this one!

Hi @BiancaT .

I see that you have beend responding on many threads, and i see more or less the same kind of answer (there is no ETA, apologises for the delay, etc).

But no in this one, with 3 years longing for an improvement, a column restyling, some inner native solution for a basic column that basically is useless for team work because it not allows you to log hours for a team on the same column.

Question is: why not to be fully transparent about it? why not to say … “ok after 3 years we will tell users that we wont be working on this, and if you like something better please buy an app”.

I think all the members here deserve it.


Couldn’t have said that better myself @hlopezvc!
I’ve requested a response again from one of the monday team so will see what they come back with on that…

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Hi all,

Tracket recently released new time tracking features that bridge the gap of the abovementioned missing features within Next week there is a free co-hosted webinar with taking place which showcases these new groundbreaking features!

Thought I’d give you a heads up about this event, as Tracket is currently the most popular time tracking solution available in the marketplace.

7 December 4PM CET

Zoom (registered only)

For details, here’s an article about the webinar that was published:

Register now

Hope to see you then!

As much as I appreciate the effort, I find it extremely frustrating that a basic features which should be provided by the platform itself needs to be paid by an extra plan.
I cannot accept that monday relies on other developers and I must still press this matter to be developed further by monday itself.


We’re new to using, having subscribed last week. We’re loving 90% of it, but one of the massive issues is that you can’t have more than 1 person tracking time against the same item at the same time (be that ‘live’, or via a manual session addition).

It blew my mind to hear this wasn’t a feature - especially given you have to pay a lot more to access time tracking - and was wondering how people even use without this? Do none of your teams have meetings about a task? Or work on the same project at the same time?

It’s absolutely fundamental to what we do and without this we’ll somewhat sadly have to cancel our account and find an alternative.

Even Xero, which we currently using to track time but is no way a project management system, does this.


Hey @jonesmillbank,

Thanks for reaching out here about this!

We know this is missing and it’s something which is on our roadmap. Right now, we’re focusing on improving some other areas of the platform so it isn’t going to be worked on in the immediate future but will be further down the line.

We’d be really sad to see you go because of this missing feature. I will try and find out a more clear estimate of when it’ll be developed and let you know what I hear.

Thanks :slight_smile:

If you could let me know that would be useful. Any longer than 2-3 weeks and we’ll have to say goodbye.

I honestly don’t know how anyone uses time tracking, I don’t think I know of anyone in any job who doesn’t have someone work with them on the same project/task (even if that’s in a project management role).

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If I’m understanding your situation correctly, there are ways to track time simultaneously.

My company created our own Time Tracking board because the actual job boards have a lot of elements on it already. And this became the easiest way to track per job/project.

Maybe I’m not understanding the issue you’re having, but there is definitely a way for multiple people to track time on the same pulse.

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Is that not a bodge? If Time Tracking worked as it should it would only be 1 more column. Now you have to have a whole other board, a column per person (8 in our case - totally unworkable for larger companies though) and a duplication of every project?

There are also different tasks per project, charged at different rates so there’d need to be (for us) 4 rows per project, or 4 ‘time tracking boards’ .

Seems a lot of work and a total bodge to get around the lack of a really basic feature. Like I said, Xero does time tracking fine and that’s not even a fully blown project management tool.


@Creative_Mamm_Al - This is cool, but what we love about Monday is that we can track time as we update individual things on individual items. This other board is less accurate to us, and have to remember to go there instead of seeing the timer and reminding myself.

@jonesmillbank The time tracking allows each user to track their own, simultaneously per pulse and the time tracked is indicated with avatars (per person tracking) now. Sometime in the last few months it became available, but my trouble is that we can’t summarize this in a dashboard report or any of the reports that allow us to use that field, because the summaries are by person assigned (which may be many or may change during the item’s lifecycle).

We need to report on who tracked the time, be able to correct time and be able to correct WHO did the time.

Thanks Monday!


This is a big frustration for our team as well. We want to be able to simply add time without having to assign it to a specif timeframe (e.g. :45 minutes). Additionally, we want a single task (e.g. meeting) where multiple people enter time for the same timeframe 3:00 pm to 3:30 pm) but the tool won’t let us do this.

Understand you’re working on other key upgrades but for most of time tracking is how we bill clients and thus make money. Without this none of the other features are all that important.


Hoping to reinvigorate this topic.
We just joined Monday and this is going to be a make-or-break feature for us.

We need to be able to assign different bill rates to different members of the team and allow them to track time on the same item during the same timeframe (e.g. team meetings or collaborative work sessions).
We are an agency / consulting team, and this is simply how our business works. We have no incentive to pay for Pro if this feature isn’t seamless. Can you give an update on when to expect the improvements alluded to above?
Thank you!


Is simultaneous time tracking of different persons on the same tasks still not working? thanks for information.

best Simon :slight_smile:


I’d like to push the topic.