Improvements on Time tracking column any progress on adding this functionality?

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Hi :slight_smile: I’m afraid we still do not support it.

fairly critical to most agencies - is there a workaround detailed anywhere beyond multiple columns?

@danaaviv - will this be prioritized soon?

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timetracking for proyects, field work or any use case is one of the most frequent requested features, why this doesnt have you atention? this column needs a new version

#release_timetracking2.0 !!!

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We are aware of the need for that and working on prioritizing this request. If we do have any news we will be sure to let you all know :slight_smile:

+1 - Been needing this for a long, long time.

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Hope there’s a “Time Tracking 2.0” soon…
Lots of things don’t work as well as on other PM tools like


  • simultaneous time tracking
  • prevention of tracking two tasks at the same time
  • quick access to “where I track time” (like always visible)
  • add a note to what you did during the tracked time

@danaaviv and everybody here: i will take some minutes to write here our experience on tracking hours in , so you can see our user experience.

first of all, we are using monday from more than a year, and the main question when we were creating our process boards was where we put the field technician’s hours?

as we were starting in this boards concepts, we start with a basic number column, and ask to the technicians (they go in groups of two) to put in the job pulse the total worked hours, and then in a formula column i was splitting this value to have the task duration.


  • you dont have vinculation between the assigned people column with the numbers columns representing the total hours, so you cant search nothing.

then, knowing there was a timetracking column, we try on a test board to see what we can do, only to found all the problems and issues mentioned in this and other threads (im talking this was in 2019). One workaround i have from the @support of was to create a timetracking column for every technician we have, so i have to create at least 10 timetracking column?!?!?!!. we leave this for a future where the timetracking 2.0 i hope will be fixing all the problems. I forgot to say that to log manually hours was impossible to do via mobile apps because it was not supported.

and finally subitems arrived in March 2020, so another workaround was to create a subitem por technician with a number column on his structure and a date column too, so they can have a sort of log with every date and hour they worked.

problem is: this isnt automatized, you have to create this subitems and assign people so they can log hours (double job), and another unsolved question is what to do with the “name” column, for this use case is useless… people are putting any character on this first column, so the result is ugly.

an amazing solution for tracking time with subitems could be an automation to create a subitem for every assigned people on the main pulse, and replicate subitems for every day of the task duration (example timeline 5 days) with a predefined name for this subitem first name column, so the assigned people go to their own subitems and put hours there. Of course this must be companied by a working subitems permission module, to not allow to another people to make changes on the wrong subitem.

But, as none of this as arrive, we keep tracking total hours in a single number column without many aspirations. :unamused: :unamused: :unamused: :unamused:


Thank you for the detailed use case example! We will definitely take this into account and think what can be developed to give you the solution you are looking for!

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@danaaviv is there any movement here?? Our company has just spent 3 months developing our boards, with the understanding that this program had an in-depth time tracking ability. As we’ve finally launched the system to our staff, we notice that the time tracking is no where near functioning even at a basic level. We are extremely disappointed and hoping you have something in the works to be able to track multiple people at the same time, on the same task without using a subitem (as we use subitems for more details within the specific task). The ability to see view everyone’s time, and filter by person/day/week/month/job etc would be most beneficial. I need to know if these things are coming or we will once again need to find another software. Are there any integrations that are able to handle these basic things? Do you not have developers who could easily make this happen? I really don’t understand the whole up. The whole point for having this app, was that we could have everything for one project in one place, and be able to see how long it takes us to accomplish tasks so we can establish how much work we have already booked, and if we have room to take on more. Without these abilities, we are missing a huge piece of what we need.


I understand Alicia. However, at the moment we have been focusing on other areas of the product, such as permissions, linking boards etc.
We try to make everyone happy and develop the features you all need. Having said that we do prioritize according to the number of requests and development effort. At the moment, it isn’t planned in the upcoming Qs to support time tracking for multiple people. but if something does change soon, we will let you all know.

I tried to do separate time trackers for each of us, but if I start one of my coworkers’ times or add it manually for them, it counts everything as my hours and tells me there’s a conflict if I’m working on my own tracker at the same time. The formula column won’t add the “conflicts” in, so I’m still having to track billable time by hand.

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This topic really need to fire up. My team has been using Monday for over half of a year. We have been trying to break down every tasks into sub-tasks to track each person’s effort, but sometimes our tasks were too small to be broken down deeper whilst they still needed more than 1 person to handle. If we counted the effort in sub-items, they wouldn’t be able to be exported to excel. That was a terrible experience which can’t be covered up by a nicely seen UI.
Really hope this hot potato will be upgraded soon.


Fully agree this should be a main priority for this team. Just bought a 10 seat subscription and spent weeks putting together boards. I didn’t even consider that this would not be a function of time tracking. I cant imagine only one person being allowed to work on a task at a time and that being acceptable. There is no way I would have a functioning board with 10+ columns of time tracking per task. Should be a disclaimer for the whole site- ‘time tracking is not a functional part of Monday so you don’t waste time if you need to track time in a reasonable fashion’


Totally agree - not sure how Adobe Creative Cloud integration was more pressing than this. As a principal in a creative agency we have zero need for Adobe integration, but would like the basic functionality of having more than one person track their time on a task.


Any update on this basic item from the team?

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Funny to see that Monday has integrated an invoicing tool, but is not able to track time in a decent way. Which makes the latter completely superfluous.

The product team rather focusses on adding new features (Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Teams, Button columns that we just need to start thinking of use case, etc.) instead of making sure the existing features meet their customers needs.


Any update on when this feature is planned?

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This is an issue we have been having as well. We need to be able to track all staff hours on a certain project and convert this to a monetary value (each staff member is charged at a different rate,

There are a stupid amount of integrations in this software but it doesn’t seem that anyone actually sat down to think what would be the most basic features to include. We seriously can’t link all our low level boards to one high level overview board? How was that not to very first idea with building this? Why would I want to create a high level board to summarise a low level board? Should that not just be a feature of a low level board?

I digress… the amount of ‘work arounds’ suggested by customer service makes me feel like this package is not particularly suitable for the market. The time tracking feature is likely key for the vast majority of users and any business which has multiple projects at any one time would need an overview.

Stop adding integrations to tack extra logos on the sales pitch and add the key features that are required.