Inbox - I was mentioned options

I am aware that you can use the inbox to view only items that you were mentioned in. However, this only includes items that you were mentioned in at the start of an update. If someone @ you in a back and forth in updates, it will not show up in the inbox. Shouldn’t this show up there? It is a really easy to track all communication on a pulse…not just the first time someone @ me if the inbox was set up to track everything that I was mentioned in. As a manager, following all of the items that I need to be on top of are hard, but this seems like a super simple way to achieve that.


Yes, this would be very helpful. I didn’t even really realise this was the case as I have been clicking on the notification from the bell. Would make life so much easier for any @ mentions to be in the inbox!


@monday any updates on getting this taken care of?