Include Form field entries within URL or Short-URL

Our office facilities manager would like to print QR codes and put them in rooms so people can report defects and the get the name/number of the room right.

Looking online, in theory it should be possible to amend the URL to include field text, eg:[lots_of_letters_and_numbers]b4a?name=Conference%20Room&floor=ground

Which would give a name/title of “Conference Room” and the text field floor as “ground” for example.

I appreciate may not want to add this in as a feature with a URL generator containing pre-filled data (i have seen similar requests) but can they at least advise the syntax or modification required to the URL to carry this out manually?


hey @stuartsjg

Nachliel from Easyapps here

Our app Easyform supports Item Default Values for Dropdown and Status columns allowing you to preselect the relevant option for each view of the form, and then you can turn the form into a QR code.

Here is an example of using this feature to set the source of a contact us form response:
Item default values - source field

Read more about item default values in our comprehensive documentation site.

You can contact us at, and we also provide free training sessions if you need one.