Include formula columns in automation recipes

Any news on this? This is a huge limitation in the automation.


@Richard0422 Welcome to the Monday community!

I actually just checked on this yesterday and NO there is not any news and no current ETA. From my understanding, the Formula results are calculated on the client side, not the servers. Because of this a change would require a restructuring on Mondays end and its not a simple thing to do.

Until then the General Caster app found in the App Marketplace can help as a workaround in most scenarios(missing subitem support at the time of this post).

What exactly are you trying to accomplish? There might be another solution or workaround we can help with.


I really think that this should be a feature that NEEDS to be included in the automation recipes. Here is briefly what I’m trying to do:

The Effort Spent column is currently this formula: {Est. Hours}-{Time Tracking#Hours}

The automation will need to be if the effort spent column (formula value) is less than 0 then change status to OVERTIME.

But currently with the lack of formula values on the automation i have no way of doing this, it feels like it’s such a simple thing but unfortunately it’s not doable.

Can anybody give me any ideas on a workaround for this?

Thanks in advance.




The first thing I would check out is General Caster if you haven’t already. They are in the App Marketplace and are built specifically for this type of issue. They calculate the formulas outside of Monday and then cast them into a number or text column. This would then allow you to use the Automation you reference.

Thanks @andrewalmand!

I’ve just been playing around with the settings on it but i still cant get it to work. I dont think General Caster formulas are accepting {Time Tracking} with the {Time Tracking#Hours} which is causing my formula to come back as #Name!.

Basically all i want to do is minus the {item's Est. Hours} and the {Time Tracking#Hours}. But dont think its possible.

Open to any more ideas if anybody has any.

Hoping this thread gets seen by Monday to get this feature going, it really is a bummer not to have it natively.


Correct, General Caster has a slightly different language/format so you will need to adjust your formula, you can’t just insert the same Monday formula.

You may want to reach out to @rob from General Caster for help as I’m not sure how Monday stores the data from Time Tracking. I was able to output some info via General Caster but it doesn’t seem like its showing the minutes(only the hours). May just require some format tweaking though. Check this post for GC, someone may have already asked your question.

I completely understand your frustration with the formula column not being supported by automations but if you’ve seen on the many other post/request, it’s a issue that requires Monday to completely restructure how the formulas work. Currently they are stored on the client side, not the server side which means not many work arounds exist either because of that.


Small update. I ran a test and changed the output column to Text instead of Number and it seems likes its reading the Time Tracking now properly. But it will require some more formatting to make it compatible with your other number column.

If you take a look at this link, you might be able to figure out the GC language and format the Time Tracking number to work with Est. Hours column. Here is a list of functions you can use in GC:

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@andrewalmand thanks for all of this info really appreciate it.

I’ve tried doing it through the steps you’ve mentioned but it doesn’t seem to work when i put the time tracker value in a formula.

Could i ask that you tried it for me and see what results you get?

I’m trying to get the est. hours MINUS time tracker value to show up as a number or text similar to the effort column.


You will need to make sure your column names within the “{}” is accurate but this formula should work:

ROUND(({item’s Est. Time}-(VALUE(HOUR({item’s Time Tracking})+(MINUTE({item’s Time Tracking})/60)))),3)

You have to use HOUR & MINUTE to convert the 01:05 into a number. Dividing the 05 by 60 in order to turn it into minutes then adding that decimal to the hour getting 1.083. Then use VALUE on the whole thing so it a number and you can subtract it from your Est. Time. Then finally rounding the answer to your desired number of decimal places(I did 3 but you can adjust that as needed).

Earlier I mentioned making the output column a Text but you will want to change it back to Numbers so that this will work in your automations. The result populates properly in both column types but only Numbers is supported by the automations you need.

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@andrewalmand you are a formula genius!

Thank you soo much for this! Worked like a charm and now i can use the native automation from I really appreciate you taking the time to help me with this.

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What about include all this recipes also on subitems please

dont forget doing it also for subitems

My use case is to send a reminder email/notification if a request of a particular type is made without sufficient lead time. I created a formula Days Until Due round(days({duedate}, threshold, 0)) to generate the comparison number logical comparison and hoped to say “if Days Until Due < 3, send notification”.

Hi there! Unfortunately, this automation doesn’t solve for formulas because the formulas columns are not selectable.

I’m trying to track us hitting a numeric goal, and once we reach 100%, then automatically change the status to done. This formula would be great if I could choose a second number column instead of “value”. Then I could say if Column A = Column B then change the status to X.


Any update on this? I’ve ran into this issue multiple times and Im considering finding a different software for this sole reason. It would be unfortunate because all about monday is awesome.

Thank you!

Agreed. Not being able to include Formula Columns into automation recipes is a major shortcoming. Example use case:

Change Status when number of days to a deadline is 5. You need a formula to calculate the number of days, but then you can’t automatically change the status. As a result, the Kanban view can’t be used, because that’s driven off a Status column.


hi @andrewalmand !

your formula is very similar as I want to use it.
I just need to convert time tracking into a number column. so far I can do it with hours only as you described before. Can you help me the formula, which contains the value of: hours+minutes? like 3h30min = 3.5 in a number (if it is only available for text field, also fine, but i’m struggling with this formula for General Caster)


In the monday fx column, the formula to covert 3hrs 30mins to 3.5 (number) would look like this:

ROUND(DIVIDE({Column Name#Seconds},3600),2)

The function language for General Caster is different than monday(but the same as excel if I remember correctly). Admittingly I haven’t used GC but when I was I’m certain I was able to achieve this, just takes some adjusting to the correct functions. Let me check and see if I can find the formula I used. Also you can learn more about the GC function language from these links:

Official Resource
General Caster Documentation

Additional Resources - Some of these might be out of date but these are the ones I learned on when I was using GC often.
Excel Functions
Php Spreadsheet Documentation
Php Office

I need help with this as soon as possible! Formula columns should be able to work with Automations and all the widgets for dashboards. this is a BIG problem. It’s hard to sell the importance of Monday & automation process for the whole company to the higher ups if I we we can’t track percentage of sales or ad spend percentages, to Goals widgets in Dashboards or notifications for when values from a formulation reaches a certain point (90% or .90)


Also, looking for the ability to use automation on “formula” based columns. Is this on the roadmap?

Use case:
We track estimated and actual hours worked on contracts and use the hours based on billable rate to determine our burn rate. When we are within 75% of “not to exceed” limit we’d like to have a notification sent.

Hours * rate = total to bill
Total to bill / NTE * 100
when this hits 75% send a notification

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