Include formula columns in automation recipes


this is limiting the platform, significantly, clearly seen by the number of posts.

I need this to be able to reference a Task within a specific Group when a Status changes in another Board. At the moment, I can only reference the Task in the first Group on a Board.

Frustrating - is this delay due to the affiliation with General Caster?


Agreed - would be a game changer!

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Since not all companies allow to use Monday Apps (and considering that also does not give any data security gurantees for third party apps), I think it is still necessary that Monday provides us with the possibility to use formula columns (i.e. use the result from a formula column to fill the number, date or text fields of an item that is created in another board by the automation) in the automations, instead of working with General Caster.


I too have used the General Caster extension, and it works great.
It is however inconvenient to resort to extentions for what should be simple. And for a small team, the cost of General Caster nearly doubles the total expenditure related to the use of

I’d like to see adopt the feature of including the formula column in automations.


Completely agree with this. Monday should be able to do this as standard.


I also need it as soon as possible !!
For my part I have a column presenting the date of the last action carried out, as well as a column which indicates the frequency of realization of the spot in question. A third column therefore announces the date of the next action to be carried out, and I need to integrate it into Slack to notify the task manager that it is time to get to work, except that it is impossible

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It’s just utter madness this feature hasn’t been implemented yet. Still no ETA?

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Its important to understand this is an architectural hurdle for monday. Formulas are calculated on the fly on the client side, and the results of formulas are not stored. This is the reason they are no included in automations.

You can also utilize some free-plan apps such as General Caster or Column Magic to cast formulas to standard monday columns that can be used in automations.


The issue is that the Formula column is one of the major selling points of the Pro & above plans, and virtually everybody (as we can tell from this thread!) will naturally assume that automations can be applied to those columns — this is how the rest of behaves, and this is how competing services that offer Formula columns behave.

Additionally, this is arguably the largest usecase for formula columns; I would wager that the number of people who bought the Pro plan for formulas just to sum, divide, etc. is relatively small (because these functions are often accomplishable with the column summaries & dashboards) compared to the number of people who bought the formulas capability expecting to be able to automate with it.

Accordingly, this is accordingly a pretty jarring hurdle to encounter.

I think everyone here understands that it would be difficult for to make work given a) that formulas are currently driven client-side, and b) the Apps ecosystem has developers like General Caster who are reliant on this functionality being broken in the native app.

But, I mean… the flip side is that everyone upvoting this thread is feeling like they have effectively been told “hey, we sold you a plan on this functionality… but to actually use it in a standard or expected way for a PM tool, you’re going to need to pay an external developer extra, double your amount of columns & automations to build and maintain (1 for formula, 1 for General Caster), and write your formulas in a different syntax.”

Don’t get me wrong, I love They do a great job. Lots of cool functionality that other tools don’t have. But that just makes it all the weirder that they’ve chosen to implement this functionality, a key selling point, in a non-standard way that introduces so much hassle for users.

It’d be great to have an option to perform formulas on the servers (maybe these can be limited per month, by plan?) so we can then actually make use of the Formula column as we wanted to.


I agree. This is a very basic need that would alleviate a lot of manual work and the need to spend on third party apps for something that should be included. I don’t understand the process of to prioritize improvements as I keep seeing very low value functionalities being released while there are some basic ones like this one that impacts tons of users that they are simply not wanting to prioritize.


I’m incredibly surprised that this is not being included as a priority update from the Monday team. It is severely limiting the functionality of for our team.


perfect formula i was looking for !
issue is that i can’t select a sum of number mirrored from another board to run this automation …
is its feasible ?
else an other function that should be added !!

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Thanks for writing everything that I wanted to write, so that I didn’t have to

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Bump … I upgraded our account expecting this to be a feature. If “General Caster” can do it, why can’t you?


Please Please Please include this… it’s such a basic feature to be missing



Also setting up formulas and was wondering if based on the result of a Formula, we can set up an automation?
The automation flow does not seem to be able to work with the formula colums.

I have a formula set up to track days an item is in storage.
The moment an item is in storage for 90 days (calculated in the formula column), I would want an automatic notification to be sent to me via email to notify me of this.


Sadly for everyone here wondering how to use Formulas with Automations, it is sadly not possible for the moment. The Formula is only calculated at the rendering (what you see) of the page, which is more commonly called the Front-End. Unlike other columns which are Back-End (What happens behind the scene) based.

It will require a lot of work from the team over at Monday to make these work with automations.

Still need this. Seems like Monday’s been a struggle bus since IPO.

This seems like a no-brainer.

I would like to use the email integration (gmail in my case) to send invoices, remittances and sales figures via email from a pulse. Sadly, while you can export column data to an email, you cannot add data from formula columns. My boards have several formulas that add in taxes and totals.

Pretty standard stuff really, but tragically can’t be sent via email. I can’t be the only one who ever wanted to send a totalised invoice to someone via Monday and I hope that this feature can be added to the roadmap.

If anyone has a workaround I’d love to hear it.

I’m stuck at the same thing :frowning:
I’m implementing digital document workflow and this breaks my idea for issuing receipts.