Include formula columns in automation recipes

Hi everyone,

Firstly, we’d like to sincerely apologise for the delay in responding to this thread! We are working on improving our responsiveness to the community, particularly our feature request process so appreciate your patience in advance!

On that note, as we pull together all the votes associated with this topic, we would love if you can redirect the votes on this thread, to the primary thread (most voted) here: Include formula columns in automation recipes - as we plan to close this smaller thread in an attempt to consolidate all votes, and better prioritise this feature request based upon the total amount of votes :pray:


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Thank you @BiancaT, I have followed your instructions and upvoted there. I notice that the discussion that we are asked to upvote was created in 2020 too. Is there a technical reason that we can’t use formulas in outputs?

This is a profoundly critical issue. We lose as tremendous amount of automation without this feature :frowning: … Can you provide an update on when this feature can be expected?

hey David, can you detail how you were able to use General Caster to solve this? I am using a calculated field as an input on an email that I am trying to configure for use in an email to customers.

Update - Figured it out… David, you saved my life.

Hi Jordan and @ChrisCollings,

We will be providing an update on the main thread as soon as we gain some clarity about the release of this feature with our product team - who we are actively communicating with. It appears there is certainly some complexity in implementing this functionality however I would like to get some more insight from our team before responding with any further detail. Your patience is appreciated greatly - we certainly understand the need and demand for this feature, and we are doing our best to advocate for it while maintaining a level of awareness regarding the technical means of out internal teams.

Think it would be ideal, if you could create automations on the basis on the formula column (ie. when value is “4” or “true”, then trigger automation)

Furthermore, it would be nice if you could trigger automations when multiple people column’s are filled-in, in a single board

YES. Please, please, please include formulas in automations.

Hi @Jakobre and Elissa!

There is another community topic that is being voted on for a similar subject! I would highly suggest to go over to this topic and also vote to boost this request!

This is 100% ESSENTIAL

Still waiting, @BiancaT… do you have any info or ETA on this feature?
That’s really essential…

Thanks to everyone for voting and sharing your feedback. We’ve discussed your request with the development team and they understand why including formula columns in automation recipes is important for many customers. As of now, this feature is not in our upcoming roadmap.

Although we currently are unable to produce this feature, we recommended that you search our app marketplace( for formula apps that can help with automations.

Every quarter, we need to make difficult decisions about how we prioritize building new features, improving old ones, and ensuring overall platform quality.

Requests like yours help guide us in prioritizing features that our customers care about most, so keep the ideas coming because your feedback makes a difference.

Have another idea? Submit it here.

That’s… very disappointing. One would think such fundamental features would be prioritized on the roadmap.

One improvement I would LOVE to be added is the ability to set notifications and automations off of a Formula column! Being able to do this is one thing that I think would really make Monday stand out from Excel. Please, please, please consider this improvement.


Hello, i support this request!!!
we are waiting for custom automations that were announced!
in fact, in addition to this request i would add the possibility of selecting multiple columns for aplying automations!!!


Yes, please!
I support this request for automation based on formula fields, or even on the progress field.


I also support automation on a progress column!

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yes, this would be really helpful

hey Guys, I am 2 and a half years later in this post, but I totally support this improvement. I am trying to get people notified based on the number of days remaining until the Deadline of a project based on a Formula column and I can’t do it. This would help our workflows tremendously.

this would be really helpful. do we have any update on this from monday? @CXS @CSG

Any news from this issue? We also need this feature please!!!