Include formula columns in automation recipes

Thanks for the update - hope this feature is being released asap

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I’m looking for this functionality too. I have an IF/AND formula that returns either true or false and I need to be able to notify someone if the value is true.

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We should also be able to use formula values in the “then” part of the automation. For example, if I am sending an email, I should be able to reference a formula field in the body of the email.

Alternatively, or in addition, we need an action that simply lets you copy one field to another within the record, like “When this occurs, set ColumnA to the value of ColumnB”.


I just upgraded my account to Pro thinking that the Formula Column could be used on autmations and was very disappointed when noticed that it is not possible.

I hope we can use Formulas on Automation soon.

Hello Juliette,

Any updates on this?

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Can you provide an update on this? I"m seeing it as an option when I click on a form > Edit > Automate but the option doesn’t exist in automation.

Hey everyone!

We have published an app that can achieve this purpose.

Not only you can apply formulas in “Mondays” language, but you can also use plain language to explain the output you need by using our AI model (for example, you can calcualte difference between dates, perform advanced math or any other output by using a simple sentence like “multiply {number} by 5 if {date} is Sunday” and so on.

Check it out here: Where Teams Get Work Done

I am unable to see the app, because it’s asking me to sign in or create an account that I have to be invited to create. It won’t accept my preexisting account, nor my Google account associated with my work email. I would really like to implement this app, seeing as this is still not a feature in Monday. Even Excel spreadsheets can process formula outputs as numerical values, but Monday cannot…

That’s strange, are you logged in to your primary Monday account? I just checked the link and it worked for me

Hey, you can achieve that with our app. Here’s a video: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

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Hello @garfield-labs,
A little help from here. :slight_smile:
The link you posted is the wrong link. Only users in your account can use that link. If your app is in the marketplace, copy and paste it’s url here. Alternatively, use can use the Share link from your developer account.

Here’s the fixed link : Where Teams Get Work Done

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Hi there - is there any update on this? I want do be able to do a simple condition using two formula columns and a numbers column… formula column 2 : NUMBERS COLUMN - FORMULA COLUMN 1. automation: if formula column 2 does not = 0, notify the person who created that item.

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This feature is a MUST! We shouldn’t have to resort to apps like General Caster for this feature. Please prioritize and add it to the roadmap!


Hello Wonderful Monday Community!

First and foremost, we’ve been keenly following the discussions here and have noted the overwhelming requests for a specific feature that doesn’t natively offer. We listened, we acted, and today, we’re beyond excited to share some news with you all!

:tada: Announcing for the First Time - The CarbonToolbelt!

One of the standout features of CarbonToolbelt is its ability to use formulas and automatically cast them to columns within an automation. Imagine the convenience of using complex formulas right within your automations, and the results automatically appearing in the desired columns, without any additional steps. We’ve taken the magic of and given it an extra sprinkle of efficiency!

:mag: Deep Dive into the Feature:

  • Seamless Integration: CarbonToolbelt integrates effortlessly with your existing Monday boards.
  • Advanced Formulas: Go beyond the basic calculations. Whether you need mathematical operations, text manipulations, or even date calculations, we’ve got you covered.
  • Auto-casting: No more manual transfers. Once your formula is set within an automation, the result will be automatically cast to your desired column.

:link: Ready to Try?

Dive right into the CarbonToolbelt experience with our Download Link. Get a hands-on experience of the seamless formula integration and auto-casting functionality.

:tv: Want a Closer Look?

We understand that a new tool can bring up questions, and we’re here to walk you through it! Book a Demo Meeting with our experts, and let us guide you through the numerous capabilities of CarbonToolbelt.

:bulb: Why CarbonToolbelt?

While this announcement shines a spotlight on the much-requested formula feature, CarbonToolbelt is packed with many other integrations that amplify the power of It’s designed to fill gaps, enhance your workflow, and make your Monday experience smoother than ever!

To everyone who voiced their need for this feature: Thank you! Your feedback drives innovation, and CarbonToolbelt is a testament to this wonderful community’s collaborative spirit.

Here’s to making even more powerful! Can’t wait for you all to try CarbonToolbelt and share your feedback.

Cheers and happy automating! :tada:

Warm Regards, The CarbonWeb Team

We need automations to recognize formulas!
I’m a process developer for my company and I have spent the last 11 months trying to become the resident “expert” in here. With that being said, any time I introduce a software to my processes my goal is to make the software work for us, not the other way around.

We are a manufacturing/construction company and our world revolves around the “Need on site” date. We then use formulas to work backwards to give us our material order by date, when to start fabrication, etc.

I have rebuilt our current excel tool into using the formula columns and it works great. The only down side is that even though I format my formulas as dates, Monday doesn’t recognize them as dates and automations don’t work. Yes, I could input date columns into the board but then my co-workers will have to enter all of the dates manually which is inefficient and dates aren’t dynamic. With around 15 projects going on, each having a board like the one I mentioned, there is a high risk of dates being missed without an alert system (automations).

There are many other application for this to be helpful beyond dates. I hope there are other power users who have the same pain that can help make this a high priority.


Hi Everyone, after looking into different ways to go about including formula columns in automation recipes, this feature is now on our long term roadmap.

While we are planning on adding this ability to automation recipes, we do not yet have a release dat. Our team understands the importance of this feature, so I will make sure to update it as soon as i know more information about the release date.

Thanks for sharing all the insights and being part of our journey as we add formula columns to automation recipes.


Thank you - I have been reading tons on General Caster being able to automate formula columns but you’re the 1st person to explain it can REPLACE formula columns, not work with them. I thought I was going crazy. Thanks again!

How is this not implemented… 4 years… might as well churn

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Hi Kyle, we’ve got a solution for you. If you use an app that can perform the operation/formula you need and output that to a column that can be used by monday automations, then you will achieve your desired results.

Try Formula in Automation Recipes by Formula Lookout and use your desired recipes