Include formula columns in automation recipes

Thanks for the update - hope this feature is being released asap

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I’m looking for this functionality too. I have an IF/AND formula that returns either true or false and I need to be able to notify someone if the value is true.

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We should also be able to use formula values in the “then” part of the automation. For example, if I am sending an email, I should be able to reference a formula field in the body of the email.

Alternatively, or in addition, we need an action that simply lets you copy one field to another within the record, like “When this occurs, set ColumnA to the value of ColumnB”.


I just upgraded my account to Pro thinking that the Formula Column could be used on autmations and was very disappointed when noticed that it is not possible.

I hope we can use Formulas on Automation soon.

Hello Juliette,

Any updates on this?

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Can you provide an update on this? I"m seeing it as an option when I click on a form > Edit > Automate but the option doesn’t exist in automation.

Hey everyone!

We have published an app that can achieve this purpose.

Not only you can apply formulas in “Mondays” language, but you can also use plain language to explain the output you need by using our AI model (for example, you can calcualte difference between dates, perform advanced math or any other output by using a simple sentence like “multiply {number} by 5 if {date} is Sunday” and so on.

Check it out here: Where Teams Get Work Done

I am unable to see the app, because it’s asking me to sign in or create an account that I have to be invited to create. It won’t accept my preexisting account, nor my Google account associated with my work email. I would really like to implement this app, seeing as this is still not a feature in Monday. Even Excel spreadsheets can process formula outputs as numerical values, but Monday cannot…

That’s strange, are you logged in to your primary Monday account? I just checked the link and it worked for me

Hey, you can achieve that with our app. Here’s a video: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

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Hello @garfield-labs,
A little help from here. :slight_smile:
The link you posted is the wrong link. Only users in your account can use that link. If your app is in the marketplace, copy and paste it’s url here. Alternatively, use can use the Share link from your developer account.

Here’s the fixed link : Where Teams Get Work Done

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Hi there - is there any update on this? I want do be able to do a simple condition using two formula columns and a numbers column… formula column 2 : NUMBERS COLUMN - FORMULA COLUMN 1. automation: if formula column 2 does not = 0, notify the person who created that item.