Inclusion of hours in Timeline selection

I’m here for tasks that take less than a day. That’s the whole reason I’m trying to use a project planning system.

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Any news on this request? Do we know if it’s on the roadmap? What can we expect?

I’m currently trying to find workarounds with different external calendars integrations but it’s not good enough for the teams I’m trying to integrate with. It’s currently the only huge obstacle to adoption I have to deal with when trying to deploy Monday in all our teams.

We would really need this feature to see the light of day on Monday’s side (and not through integrations to external calendars). I believe I could make it work either through timelines or date columns but we would at least need one of the two options.

I assume that the feature must be very complicated to develop and I understand that there are not that many votes tied to this ongoing thread but I believe that everyone could benefit from a feature like this one.

Could we at least get an idea of where Monday as a company stands on this particular feature?



Adding my voice and vote here. The ability to have an hourly timeline view would be absolutely amazing.

Hi Team,
Would be really great to be able to do this.

Wev’e recently signed up and would love to see this function created. The ability to have an hourly timeline view would be absolutely amazing. I currently have a Calendar Dashboard set up for major projects showing time lines but they all sit bunched up the top and not spread out amongst the day. Its not easy to navigate this way. Thankyou

up! this is a dealbreaker if not implemented soon. We have several designers planning up to hundreds of orders with small design jobs , ranging from 30min to 6h in workload, throughout the week. I also need to plan bigger projects in between those urgent recurring jobs and monitor overall workload of staff. not having these show up as timeblocks in the calendar is a nightmare. (or being able to rearange by the hour in workload view)
I consider swithing to clickup just because of this one (obvious) feature. Nobody in our industry plans in days, timelines should have the option to start and end on set time(hour) not only days.

Hi All, Can we confirm or deny the future viability of this feature please?


They are 1.25 years late on their subitem filtering product development estimate. Might be the worse development team I’ve seen in such a funded (384 million) company. Adding time to a schedule is such a basic feature, this is pitiful. any news on the horizon?
This feature is essential to us.

I really need that functionality ! please give us an answer !

Hi all!

Firstly, we sincerely apologise for the delay in updating you all. We are working on a process to improve our responsiveness, so really appreciate your patience and understanding in advance.

As for this particular feature, I have followed up with our team as to whether this is a feature we are planning to support in the future. I will update here once we have an update :pray:

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This is also related, so please add your vote to this too: Start and end time in date column - #121 by IPM
Both of these treads have been sitting here for almost 3 years, so hope they can fix this asap or just give us the bad news so we can find a solution to this ourself.

And thanks for following up @BiancaT , but this has been done several times the last 2-3 years, so wondering why following up should be any different now?


Yes, this would be amazing. Please get this going!

This mega simple feature would make a massive difference to functionality. Definitely need to have this added ASAP


I absolutely need this function also. Any update on this feature?


Hi @BiancaT and , any update on if this is on the roadmap? Thank you!

Hi, any updates? As many already wrote we would also need this obvious feature… Thanks!

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I need a timeline per hours, better per quarter hours, to manage the day. As far as I can see, the current timeline is only working per days.

I come from the future looking for this feature, sadly here in the future is still not a thing. How can projects can be limited in days if some of my task last 2 ,3 4 hours etc?, to me, this is deal breaker.


Why is this not a thing yet? This would be so much more intuitive than using two columns for start and end dates. The timeline column could almost replace these entirely by implementing a “Add time” just changing the “Set dates” input field to accommodate hours/minutes as well.

Please, please add this feature.