Inconsistencies in types returned by triggers

For example some triggers return the itemId as a string “12346790” and some as a number 12346790.

Specifically “when date arrives” returns the itemId as a string not a number, but other triggers return a number.

Along that note, is a number but is a string.

Someday some consistency in these types would be nice :slight_smile:

Hi @codyfrisch,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! This sounds like a bug and we’ll need to investigate this integration. Please email us at with your account, integration and board ID so we can take a closer look.

This is a global bug with the “date arrives” trigger for apps. It sends boardId and itemId as strings when all the rest of the triggers send them as numbers in the JSON payload.

I’ve reproduced it on multiple apps, accounts, boards, recipes, etc.

Devs should be able to easily reproduce by creating a recipe with the Date Arrives trigger and an action that sends boardId and itemId from the trigger output.

Hello @codyfrisch!

Thank you for that feedback!

Did you manage to send the email to This gives us the ability to better create our reports and follow the fixing process, so we can then notify you when we have an update.