Increase Global Unity

Our team loves using Monday, and it really is quite a complete package. That’s why tons of little problems become nagging, and I think I reduced it down to this one fundamental flaw.

There isn’t a global unified design/functionality.

“My week” doesn’t look like any board. So if I want to view all of my tasks across all boards AND interact with them, I have to create a Dashboard (which has its own problems). The closest view to a board is to create a “Battery”-style Dashboard, select all boards (well, 10 max), and then go through each one applying a filter for yourself (why can’t this be 1 global filter?). In the end, it’s still a good 4 clicks away to get to this view, it’s not quite the same as a regular board, and it’s out of focus for some reason on the app.

I’d suggest a “User Board” that gathers all that User’s tasks in one place, grouping them by Board and then by Group. Taking it one step further, it could be a “Team Board”, so that the department head could gather all the tasks their team has across all boards in one place. And one step further still, there could be a master view of ALL tasks across all boards. And then you could filter it down by whatever you need.

Linked tasks don’t work for the above, because, again, they’re not fully integrated. We picture a linked task as actually linked. When you change one, the other gets updated. Not as having to change the status on the original, then go over to the other board and update the status on that one as well. This would help in interdepartmental or cross-project collaboration, in lieu of the team board. Tasks could be copied (and linked) on the project and team boards, updating either keeps them in sync…

Another place where problems arise with this lack of UX unity is in the automations. We have had to set up hundreds of automations for each team member to get notified on all the boards they work on. I wish “Setting up 100 automations” could be automated! But seriously, I’d suggest a “User Automations” section, where they can select which boards they want to apply their own personal automations to. Or take it one step further and disconnect automations/integrations from boards entirely. Make it its own section, and you can build cross-board and cross-user automations.

One specific example is the Slack integration “When a status changes to something, notify someone”. If we take its Automation-equivalent (“When a status changes to something, notify someone.”) that “someone” can be a wildcard (Assigner, Assignee, Head, etc.). But the Slack integration doesn’t allow that (and individual integrations need to be created for each member).

Yet another example (sorry there are so many!) is the Subitems section. It’s like it was designed from scratch to be something different! Why doesn’t it follow the exact same logic as the main table? It could copy the same columns, be able to use automations and integrations, creating dependencies, etc. I saw this might be coming soon, so I’m really happy for that.

I realize these might be quite a few different feature requests (there are more, but its already getting long and confusing). I hope they get considered individually. But my main request is as stated above. As you expand and develop new features, keep in mind the functionality you already have. If its similar to a feature that already existed, integrate it seamlessly. If new features are added that could work on the ‘old’ features, update those too. Think unified design/functionality.

All in all good job. We really do love the app. This is my first feature request after a pleasant experience with your customer support. Should I create separate requests for each of these specific problems as well? I hope my rambling rant has some semblance of meaning and can lead to some positive discussion and ideas.