Independent sorting of subtasks

What I did:
Sorted the sub-items of one particular pulse alphabetically, and hit ‘Save’ when I was done. At the time, I only had the sub-items of the one specific pulse visible (all other pulses were collapsed so their sub-items were not visible).

What happened:
Every sub-item on the board was sorted alphabetically. This includes the pulses in different groups, and all the pulses that were collapsed at the time.

What I expected to happen:
Only the sub-items of the parent pulse would be sorted, and all other sub-items would not be sorted (including, and especially, those not visible at the time).

Suggestion to make Monday better:
Incorporate additional sorting options/controls that will enable the operation to be limited to a subset of the board. Here are some of the different options that could be offered:

  1. current pulse only
  2. all visible sub-items
  3. all sub-items in the current group
  4. all sub-items for the entire board

Two alternative options for improvement:

  1. Change the default behavior so it only sorts the sub-items in the current pulse
  2. Warn the user that the operation will affect all sub-items, including those not visible.

I agree with all of this. It happened to me unfortunately as well and it was a bit of a nightmare honestly.