Inequality in Automation Recipe

Hi Monday Geeks!

Sorry for the dumb question, I need an automation to change the status of an item when it reaches “Less than” a value and another change of status when it is “equal to” “0”.

I have set these up but the status is always following the “Less Than” recipe and not the “equal to”.


Hi @Jerson! When I read this I knew exactly the issue you were facing. I assume you have something setup like the following for automations:

The issue is (and a gap for monday) is there is no way to set the order of automation triggers (as you would make the = 0 check the last one triggered).

Without knowing what your status field is used for (if it is driving other automations) you could actually use a formula field along with conditional coloring to deliver a similar result.


The field “Text Status” is a formula with a nested IF statement that mimics the automation.

IF({Number}=0,“Stuck”,IF({Number} <= 5,“Working on it”, “Done”),“Done”)

You can then add conditional coloring to the field to add the colors:


A bit of a work around but hope this helps!

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@mark.anley Thanks. this works for the board but the issue is I have another automation to create an item in another board according to status. We don’t have a recipe for formulas! xD

I am working on an Inventory board with status In-stock, Low Stock and Out of stock. this is triggered based on Stock on hand and sell-through. The current set up is status will change to “Low stock” when the stock level reaches below 11 days.

When the status is Low stock and Out of Stock, it should create an item to another board. I do this via “create item” recipe which only works for status column.

Hey @Jerson - thanks for letting me know, I figured there may have been another reason you were using that status. However, since you want to trigger the same automation for low & out of stock, you could just keep your current automations to trigger the board creation and collapse the column in your board and keep the formulas based statues for visual purposes.


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