Info box section is not available?

Hi everybody,

I 'm new with Monday, and i find This app very cool but i have a little question.

I can’t create info boxes for my items , the tab is not available in the item’s detail vue.

Does I enable any settings?


Apparently Info Boxes have been discontinued by New accounts don’t see them.
Info Boxes - Current Status

No formal announcement has been made by No idea why. They’ve just quietly removed them.

Hi @fred.moras,

Thanks for your note! Emily from here.

We care deeply about the quality of our products and want to provide you only with the best! Because Info Boxes weren’t performing as well as we anticipated, we have decided to discontinue their release to users.

You have all of their functionality and more available to you from the updates section!


Hi - Now that Info Boxes are being deprecated, and there are so many great Item apps in the Marketplace, I have clients asking often how to get rid of their legacy Info Boxes to free up room on the Item view tabs. Any idea how/when we’ll be able to do this for older accounts that don’t want them anymore?

Hey @PolishedGeek,

We have an option to remove them on the backend. For clients requesting this, an admin can write in to and they will be able to assist!


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