Initial setup of Monday CRM for small Construction Sales Organization

We are the estimating/sales division of a small commercial construction subcontractor new to We are using Monday as a calendar to manage our bid log, much as we previously did with Excel. Our single board lists Project names, contact details, locations, brief project descriptions, etc. together with the Bid Due Dates. As bids are sent, this log is updated with bid details including $ Value, Square Foot (Size) and Bid # (Reference). These projects are quoted multiple times, often over many months, as drawings and specifications become more fully developed.

Invitations to Bid (ITBs) are received via email from a number of Construction Bidding and Project Management platforms. These invitations are reviewed, and a determination is made as to whether or not not we will pursue the opportunity. If accepted, the project details are logged onto our Bid Board. Our small disciplined estimating team stays on top of the bid calendar without the need for additional prompts or reminders available through

Where help is needing is in setting up basic CRM functionality that would prompt us to reach out to a given prospect on set, or conditional time variables. This process wouldn’t begin until the plans and specifications are (mostly) fully developed. At this point the project details should be mirrored onto a “current prospect” board. From here we would like to obtain some feedback as to the competitiveness of our offer, a rough idea as to when the “buyout” is scheduled for our trade, and contact detail for the Project Manager, or Assistant PM who will be conducting the buyout.

Our counterparts during this bidding process are also estimators, and are referred to as “PreConstruction”. While there are relationships (mostly good!) PreCon has no authority to award work. They can provide useful information as to how your numbers looked and, if willing, identify the person(s) conducting the buyout (the PM, or APM).

The time span from the last bid (date project is moved to prospect board) to the buyout date may be as much as 3 - 6 months. Bidding one or more projects per day result in a large volume of prospects requiring the implementation of a more formalized CRM program.

We wish to identify and engage a qualified specialist to set up basic CRM functionality for our application. Beyond the initial setup, we would like to rely on this same person to consult (on an hourly basis) and help improve our experience as we continue to refine our use of the tool.

Please reply with your interest.

Hello @MCF!
We at Omnitas Consulting use internally for tendering and bidding as well . We have also helped a few organisations to set up a custom monday build for their procurement personnel.

Granted that we understand the process and have previous experience with similar use cases we would love to assist and become your qualified pocket specialist for CRM, procurement and everything related.

Lets start of with a free initial scoping dialogue where we get a feel for each other and you can explain your setup and desired effect to us
Please book a session through this link: :

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Hello @MCF

We at JT’s Cloud are a Partner and current APAC Partner of the Year.

We would love to meet and understand your full requirements to construct your CRM and then provide you with ongoing support as required.

Please feel free to book in a Free Scoping session below:
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Look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,
Alex Robinson
JT’s Cloud

Hi, @MCF - While we could certainly assist you with this project, the bid expert for monday․com here on the boards is @basdebruin! You should definitely talk to him.

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Thank you @PolishedGeek for the referral.

I do a lot of bid management and use monday boards to record planning, issue, dependency and risk logs and share all documents. That said: reading your requirements I would say that @Thomas-Omnitas is your best resource for this request.

Always available to assist :slight_smile:


Thank you for your reply. I have reached out to Thomas.


Michael Flanagan