Inquire API for downloading to data .zip among administrator functions

I understand that the administrator functionality has the ability to download data from all workspaces in the form of a zip file. There is a task that requires periodic backups of data from all workspaces on-premises, and it is cumbersome to go into the administrator’s account and download the data every time. If the function exists as an API, I think the efficiency of the work can be increased a lot, so I wonder if the function exists as an API.
If this function does not exist as an API, I would like to ask if there is a way to solve the above task with an API.
(After checking the API, there is an indicator called Complexity, and if this indicator exceeds 5000000, data cannot be imported. I am asking because I think the complexity will be very high to import data from all workspaces.)

Hello there @thlee!

There is no way of downloading data from your account into a Zip file via API.

You can get all the data in your account via API and avoid hitting the limit by using pagination as explained here.

You could also check the available complexity points quota by calculating the used points and using a timeout to wait until the points quota resets before sending the next query (if the query is too big).

Hope it helps!