Installing a non-marketplace app fails

Hi all,

A colleague in another organisation (on another instance) has created a set of boards which I’d like to import into our workspace. I’m aware there’s a few ways to skin that cat, but I wanted to try getting them to package it as an app, which they’ve done. It’s not been shared on the marketplace, but it has been published and I’ve got the link.

I can install the app on our instance with no issues. However when I come to actually add the app to a workspace it fails. I get a red toast notification saying “Sorry for the inconvenience, we couldn’t implement the solution” and no further guidance.

I am an admin with full permissions, and I am the owner of the workspace the app is being installed into. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app and get the same notification every time.

Can anyone help me to troubleshoot? Knowing whether to look at the settings of our own or at the org which created it would be a great start!

If it is a workspace template you should be able to just search for it in the templates when adding a board within the workspace, and add it like a board from a template.

Can you expound on what you mean by “add the app to a workspace”

However when I come to actually add the app to a workspace…

Can you expound on what you mean by “add the app to a workspace”

Absolutely. Sorry if I got the wrong terminology!

My colleague in the other organisation created an app and added a set of templates to it using the steps here: Workspace templates. They then shared the app privately using the steps here: Sharing your apps. This generated a link which they sent to me.

I visited the link and clicked ‘Install’. The app installs and appears in the list at Administration > Apps.

Next I go to the workspace where I want to add the board templates and click the plus symbol to open up the New Board/New Doc/etc dropdown. I hover over ‘Apps’ and click ‘Explore App Marketplace’. This brings up the app marketplace and I click ‘Installed apps’ at the top, which takes me to the list of apps we have installed. I select the app my colleague created from this list, and then click ‘Use App’. On the next screen (‘Getting Started, Now choose where to add this app’) I select the workspace where I want the templates to appear from the dropdown and click ‘Add app’. This then takes me to the workspace and the error notification appears.

I hope this makes sense!

Ah, well once an app with workspace templates is installed in the account (seems to be) you do not need to do anything additional in terms of apps to access the templates. They become available as regular board templates through the normal process of using board templates.

Just click the blue + and then “Choose from templates” and then search for the name of the template (your partner organization would have given this a name within the app when they added the template), and use the template to create a board from it.

The “apps” in the + button are actually for what are called “custom views” which are apps by developers that create views that appear alongside the boards on the left. They are separate from workspace templates, and not boards.