Instant trigger using integromat to watch column change how to set it up

Trying to set up the module in integromat that “Watch items column value” and an Item ID is needed but when trying to map the fields i get the “General functions” pop up window and dont sure how to use it for that purpose. My use case is to watch a status change to certain value and act upon that case. any advise or example?

Hi @noam

Do you have the “Watch item column value” as the first module in your Integromat scenario? When you do that and click on it, it should ask for you monday API key. Did you get to that point?

Hi Bas

I have connection to the items.

If I choose an item ID from the list its working but I don’t wish to point a specific item. Do if I use the map option I just get functions

OK, understood. But the Integromat “Watch item column value” is really just watching a single item. If you want to watch multiple item maybe you can have a look at “Watch Board’s items”. That will trigger any change. Personally I prefer to use the watch functions inside monday ans send a webhook to Integromat. Monday automation “When column change send webhook”

Bas Hi,

Great tip , i didnt noticed that there is such integration in monday so i tried it.

  1. I opened new scenario with webhook in integromat.
  2. Applied the automation in monday with a webhook and copied the URL from integromat to the page in monday.
  3. Changed a status in the my board and it was passed to integromat.

Now how can i set the webhook in integromat to “listen” constantly for changes?

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Hi @noam

Good to see that you are on your way. If your scenario starts with a webhook like:

and you set your scenario / webhook to schedule immediately it will always listen. What I always do is to set a filter after the webhook to ensure the webhook contains a pulseId (good indication it comes from monday) and the column I am interested in, like:

From there on I most of the time need the complete item so the next module is to “Get an Item” based on the pulseId (itemId) in the webhook.

Thanks Bas
You have been very helpfull.


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Hi there!

I think the Watch Board’s Items in Integromat should do the trick for you!
Screen Shot 2020-07-28 at 8.32.15 am

This should trigger any time and item is created or a column value changes.

You may need to filter down which column is actually updated, but it would be easier then setting up your own webhook IMO

Thanks Mitchell

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I understand it will work by intervals only?

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Hi Bas ,
Do you know a way to sort items in a Monday board automatically?

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Hi Noam,

Sure you can use Integromat “Watch Board Items” and it can be set to run automatically, just like a webhook. Not sure if this watch does catch everything, there is a difference between items added to a board by a user (using the UI) or e.g. by a Form.

In the UI you can do sorting, but as far as I know there is no possibility to do this through the API.

Hi Mitchell

It’s a good idea but it will run by intervals and not immediate isn’t it?


@basdebruin is correct. It is an ACID trigger, which means that the interval is determined by your integromat plan. The higher your plan, the shorter the interval options. I think it is about 5-10 minutes on the lower plans.

If you would like it as close to instant as possible, you would need to create your own server and process the request yourself instead of waiting for integromat.

Thanks Mitchell.
Your input is very important to me.

So I applied a webhook from Monday to run when a status changes to somthing.
Can you please advice:
I have now the event with the pulse_id and pulse name in integromat. I need to check some fields from that pulse to match with items from one of my boards and when matched i want to create those items in a new created board. I can’t see those fields in the mapable event fields.
Can you suggest possible flow for that use case?


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Hi Mitchell

Maybe you can solve that:

Trying to create items in a new created board and when trying to use the Add Item option in order to use mapped fields from previous module i don’t have any fields (as they are not created yet)/

What should be the right way as there no copy items utility.




Hi @noam

Are you trying to map the column id from the above image? If so, you have to slide the map slider to the right.

I did so but i need to map the complete item and it didnt work.

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That is correct, you can’t map an entire item. You need to map column by column, but these can be combined like so:

In this example I change two columns (doc_review with a fixed label + owners with data that is mapped) for the same item (mapped from 2. ID)
Is that what you are looking for?

Which module are you because I have group name and not item ID ?