Instant trigger using integromat to watch column change how to set it up

Hi @noam

Are you trying to map the column id from the above image? If so, you have to slide the map slider to the right.

I did so but i need to map the complete item and it didnt work.

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That is correct, you can’t map an entire item. You need to map column by column, but these can be combined like so:

In this example I change two columns (doc_review with a fixed label + owners with data that is mapped) for the same item (mapped from 2. ID)
Is that what you are looking for?

Which module are you because I have group name and not item ID ?

The screenshot is taken from “Update Column Values of a Specific Items”. I thought that was what you wanted to do? If you want to set column values to a new item it requires two modules, one to create the item (that returns the item id) and then you can use that item id for update one or more columns. It is the same wat you add an item in the UI, first add the item, then update the columns.

High Bas

I created the item with “create new item” and then used the update module but the same thing again.

Look at mapping from module # 8 where I need to get the data from to the new item.

There are no fields to assign to in the update item module, maybe because the new item have no structure yet.


Cant read it exactly but it looks like you do a list groups items. Why do you need that? Is it to get the column structure? It could be very well possible that the column structure is not known yet, the easy wat around that is to run your scenario to force data through the modules. From there on the mapping might show up.


I list the group items because I need to create selected items from that list in a new board and group (I don’t want to move it but to copy it).

About running the scenario forcing data through the models how is it done?


This is really an Integromat “how to use” question, please make sure you understand the usage of Integromat.

Just hit the big “run once” button in the lower left corner of your scenario. Then move to monday and do the action that generates the trigger. You data will nog flow through the model.


OK that misunderstanding Ha Ha I didn’t understand you in the previous email. Of course I know this and I run the scenario since yesterday with the data.

I just don’t understand why after creating new board and group in my flow I only manage to create new items for that board and group but can’t populate its columns from the mapable fields I have before from a list of items in another group.

When I use Add an item in the popup I don’t know how to define the new columns to assign to the mapable fields.

Hi Noam,

I am a little lost now. Can you show the complete flow and let us know what exactly you want to achieve? Looks like you get triggered by a column change event on board ABC and want to copy that item to a new board XYZ into a new group PQR?

If that is that case, the first question is: how do you create the new board XYZ (from a template or blank board). If you use a blank board it will not have the default monday column structure. That means that you need to delete the default columns first and then get all columns from board ABC (where your column change of an existing item triggered your scenario). You need to iterate through all columns found (using an Integromat Iterator) and do a column creation in the new board XYZ).

Then you could create a new group PQR in board XYZ, followed by an item create in XYZ/PQR. Finally you need to find the column values in the board ABC and set them the same for your newly created item in XYZ/PQR.

Hi Bas

Thanks for your efforts to help.

Look at this simple scenario which demonstrate the problem:

Step 1 : I create a Board.

Step 2 : I list a group items from which I want to use its columns as mapable fields.

Step 3: I create a new item and I link it to the board from step 1.

Now I need to move the fields from step 2 to the new item in step 3 that what I couldn’t do.

To work around this I’m trying now to add a column to a board (to the newly created board) and then while creating an item in that board to use the new column and populate it from field from step 2.

It’s a bit primitive because I have to add many columns to build the structure of the board.

What do you think?


Still a lot of questions :slight_smile:

Step 1: create a board - from a template or a blank board? which columns does that board have? can you share a picture?

Step 2: do you list items from a group in the board from step 1 or from another board? If it is from another board how do you ensure that same columnid’s (not column names) are used in both the newly created board and the board you list the items from

Step 3: in which board (from step 1?) do you want to create an item. Do you also want to set the column values for that item? If so are you sure the new board contains those columns (with the same column id’s)?

Really can’t help you further if I don’t have the full picture.

Step 1 : I create a board from scratch so it doesn’t have columns yet.


Step 2: It’s from another board so I thought I will use the mapable fields from the List Group’s Items to create the new item columns.

Probably the first problem is that I don’t have any columns structure in the new board.


Step 3: The board from step 1 and setting the column values for that item.

OK, understood. See also my earlier reply. The new board does not have the required columns, it has the default monday columns (person, status and date). You probably want to delete these first.

As you say (step 2 List Group Items) does exactly that, it gives you the items and column values from the group requested. It does not give you the column structure (like what kind of columns). To retrieve all the columns (with column types) you need to do a Get Board on the original board which will give you the column collection, like

Then you need to iterate through this collection and create the same columns in the newly created board. Keep in mind that you can set the column name, but not the column id, that is set by monday internally.

There is no shortcut for the flow I explained earlier:

  • create new board
  • create new group
  • get the columns of the source board with Get Board
  • iterate through the columns collection and create same columns in new board
  • create new item in the new board / group
  • get all column values of the original items (Get an Item)
  • iterate through the column values collection and set the same values in the newly created item

And a little warning: you can’t set the statuses for newly created status columns. The will always be the default monday statuses: Done, Working on it and Stuck

Honestly I don’t think this will be an easy one, you probably have more control if you develop a monday app to do this (but that require coding skills)

Thanks Bas
Can you send examples how to iterate through the columns collection?

Thats a a bit complicated for a straightforward process as i see it.

My use case is quiet simple. Selecting itens from one group according to a specific criteria and create those items in a new board. That’s does sound so extraordinary isn’t?

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Hi Noam,

I might sound simple, but as you can see it is somewhat harder to implement in Integromat. Did you read through the Integromat Iterator resources? There is are a lot of videos, tutorial, documents and discussions available when you Google “integromat iterator”

Hi Bas,
Qestion about Webhook:
When i have multiple webhooks to Monday (or any other application) does any of the triggers goes through all webhooks?

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Hi Noam,

I guess so but did not use that at the moment. I think every webhook that meets the trigger (like item_create or column_change) will fire. I need multiple hooks in anther app that I want to develop so I probably know more in about a week).

You say: multiple webhooks to Monday. Are the webhooks in monday towards monday itself?


Hi Bas,
Monday triggers webhooks to Integromat.
I supply a link to Monday after having a webhook in integromat.
Then i can use that link for many triggers from monday but for every trigger i have a scenario in integronat.

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