Instant trigger using integromat to watch column change how to set it up

Hi bas.
I used the integromat url in the http request and i ended up with loop (cost me 9,000 operations ha ha).

Yes, that can happen with recursive calling webhooks :slight_smile:. Do you want to call another Integromat service? It is not clear to me where you want to post to.

First scenario is triggered from monday. So I have webhook starting that scenario to listen to mobday. The end of that scenario i put http post and there i have to put a url so i put url of integronat to trigger the next scenario which start with integronat webhook.
So i have two scenarios which starts with integronat webhook but tgat looks wrong to me because the second scenario should be triggered from the first scenario.

That looks perfectly fine to me. So at the end of scenario 1 you do a http request. The URL you need to fill in there is the URL of the webhook in your second scenario. That should work

Hi Bas.
I finally found out what was wrong.
At first I copied a scenario to make the second scenario, so i had two scenarios with the same webhooks.
I wasn’t aware that every new webhook comes with different url and thats the Reason for my misunderstanding.